3 Benefits Businesses Get From Fleet Trackers

GPS fleet trackers are more than simple beacons reporting location on demand. They use satellite location and time data to calculate movement, speed and more. This allows any business with company vehicles to benefit in three broad ways: improved safety, better planning and easy management. The bottom line is tracking will increase not only efficiency but also save money.

Using Fleet Trackers For Increased Safety And Security

Graphic outlining three benefits small businesses can gain from fleet trackers

An almost immediate benefit from implementing a GPS tracking system is knowing where your vehicles are at all times. This is obvious but the implications are enormous. You do not just know where your vehicles are; you instantly know if they are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. A good fleet tracking system sends alerts if vehicles move after hours or from specific locations. The system becomes a kind of silent anti-theft alarm for your vehicles. Of course, it will allow you to give police the exact location of your vehicle if it is stolen. This instant information helps to recover your vehicles and the equipment inside.

Fleet tracking also improves driver safety. Alerts showing excessive speeds or other bad habits, for example, allow you to reward the drivers making good choices. If one of your vehicles is involved in an accident, GPS tracking will show if your driver was following the speed limit. The trackers also help you to quickly find drivers in need of aid.

Better, Smarter Planning

GPS fleet tracking systems are more than just location systems; they are management tools. The data provided can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your business. In one place you will be able to access mileage data from your entire fleet as well as a time breakdown to analyze performance. You will be able to identify customers that seem to demand more, or less, time and attention than expected.

How you use this data is only limited by your imagination. A good system allows you to export custom reports. You should be able to organize all of this information in the way that is most useful for your business. Route planning, manpower allocation and even maintenance schedules are just a few areas that can benefit from fleet tracking data.

Other Management Benefits From Fleet Trackers

The benefits of fleet tracking, of course, vary from business to business. For many fleets, GPS trackers allow improved speed and flexibility in dispatching. Another company’s drivers may follow specific routes, so they will not need dispatch information. However, the idling time data they obtain could lead to lower fuel costs. Some companies may even find the clock information from their fleet trackers replaces the traditional time clock. The key to getting the most from a GPS tracking system is to take the time to learn to use it. Learn about all of the reports and alerts that your trackers offer so you can optimize the system for your business.

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