EZ Alert & GPS Unit Disconnected Alert

GoTrack EZ Alert: What Is It and How Do You Set It Up? The EZ Alert allows you to create a notification of the next movement with just one click! To access this alert follow these steps: Go to the Overview tab Under the map click on the name of the device.  This will display…
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Speed Alerts and Viewing Detailed Activity

Is Speeding An Issue for Your Drivers? Speeding continues to be a contributing factor in a significant number of roadway accidents.  Our speeding report allows you to view the speeding event history of your device(s) for a particular day.   This report will show you the location, speed, event type, and time of activity. To access…
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GoTrack is so EZ!

How to Sign Into GoTrack When you are ready to log into your GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking account, simply go to and hover over the “App Login” tab in the top banner. Then click GoTrack PROEZ Login. This will direct you to our application login page. From here you will enter your username and…
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GoTrack GPS – How to Create a Maintenance Task

Fall is a great time to get organized on your vehicle maintenance tasks.  Whether you are a single vehicle family or you have a fleet of vehicles to manage – GoTrack makes vehicle maintenance a breeze!

How to Install Your OBD Unit with a Y-Cable

How To Install Your OBDII Unit With a Y-Cable One of the GPS tracking devices we offer at GoTrack offers is the Y-Cable. This cable can seem complicated to install, but below is a short walk-through on how to begin tracking with your Y-Cable unit: 1. Read the letter enclosed in your package and remove…
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Curious how to get started with GoTrack GPS tracking?

Easy as 1-2-3!    All you have to do is: Select your unit Choose your data plan Install your unit and start tracking! To find the GoTrack GPS tracking units on our website, go to “Products”.  Once you’re there, you can figure out which unit is right for you by first identifying the type of vehicle…
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GoTrack Covers Every Aspect of Your Business!

GoTrack covers all of your tracking needs.   Whether you have one piece of equipment or multiple pieces of equipment – GoTrack will show you where all of your assets are – vehicles, heavy equipment or the trailers that carry equipment.

GoTrack for Your College Student

GoTrack for your College Student With school letting out, it can be daunting to be the parent of a high school senior.  As your child graduates and gets excited about leaving for college, a lot of questions can be raised.  One of these being where your child will park their car if they live in…
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GoTrack Is Flexible!

GoTrack Is Flexible! 3 Tracking Plans Want to get a GPS Vehicle Tracking unit but don’t want to deal with the billing hassle? With GoTrack’s flexible data plan options, billing is a breeze. You can either go to and purchase your unit and data plan online, or call our office at 1-800-772-2885 and one…
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Teenage Drivers

Teenage Drivers Not only do parents love GoTrack’s GPS tracking, but teenage drivers love it too. Here’s a testimonial from a high school senior: “Since I’m a senior, I have definitely gotten tired of my school’s cafeteria food.  I frequently have my mom sign me out of school so I can go get lunch. When…
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