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I want to log into the Desktop application from my Smartphone/Tablet. What is the best way to do that?

The best way to log into the Desktop site from your Smartphone (iPhone, Android or Blackberry) or Tablet (iPad) is to:

  1. Access your smartphone’s/tablet’s web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Select the “View Desktop Site” button.
  4. Log in to the site with your user ID (email address) and password.

Note: Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies and that JavaScript is enabled. Also, enable your browser settings to “Autofill” names and passwords so you do not have to re-enter your user ID and password every time.


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I want to have my alerts "texted" to me. What is the best way to do that?

The best way to have your alerts “texted” to you is to:

Log into the GoTrack EZ application at

Go to the orange “Users” tab on the upper right of your screen, and then below that, press “Add New User” and then enter the info using the below reference as your new email address.

Then log out and log back in as that new user and go to “Settings” and then “Enable Notifications for all Vehicles in this Account”.

  • AT&T – [your 10 digit cell phone number]
  • Verizon – [your 10 digit cell phone number]
  • T-Mobile – [your 10 digit cell phone number]
  • Sprint PCS – [your 10 digit cell phone number]
  • Virgin Mobile – [your 10 digit cell phone number]
  • US Cellular – [your 10 digit cell phone number]
  • Nextel – [your 10 digit cell phone number]
  • Boost – [your 10 digit cell phone number]
  • Alltel – [your 10 digit cell phone number]
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What does the 'GPS Lock' message mean?

“GPS Lock” means that the GoTrack EZ unit has successfully received the minimum number of satellite signals to give an accurate location to our servers.

This message is ONLY sent to you when the unit is initially powered up (i.e. first plugged in). If you are receiving this message more than upon initial installation of the unit, then it is being unplugged and plugged back in, or your vehicle battery is being disconnected or the vehicle battery went dead.

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How do I add additional users to my account and can I give them a password different than mine?

Every new GoTrack user is initially set up as the account administrator. You then simply select the “Users” tab on the top right of the application window and then click “Add new user”. Fill in the requested information for your new user and then click “add” at the bottom.

If you have changed your original password that we assigned to you then you may need to contact technical service to have your administrator status restored.

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What does the Heartbeat mean in the Detailed Activity Report?

Every 24 hours after the GoTrack EZ unit has been plugged in you will notice the Heartbeat log in the Detailed Activity Report to let you know the unit is on and reporting.

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Do I need a data plan for each GoTrack EZ or GoTrack 3-Wire unit that I purchase?

Yes. Think of each unit like a cellular phone. Each unit needs to have either a three month, one year or two year plan. Our bundled one year and two-year plans are the best values.

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When does my data plan start?

Your data plan starts when your unit ships. We almost always ship your unit the day you order it. If you order after hours it will ship the next business day. Since our customers want the unit to be active when they receive it, we ship the units fully active and ready to plug in.

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Does GoTrack work with fleets?

Yes. Our smallest customer has one vehicle…and we have a whole lot of that single unit customers. Our largest customer has several hundred vehicles in their fleet. We have designed our application to be very user friendly no matter how many vehicles you have.

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Can I have multiple users logged on the computer at once?

Yes. We will set up the main user as the administrator. That person will be able to assign as many user ID’s and passwords as they would like. All users assigned by the administrator can log in and track vehicles at the same time.

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I travel extensively in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Does GoTrack EZ work in all 3 countries? Does it need to be in range of a cellphone tower to report location?

Yes, we have agreements with carriers in Canada and Mexico as well as the U.S. Please contact our sales department at 800-772-2885 in order to get a quote on rates for international service.

GoTrack GPS tracking devices all use the existing wireless infrastructure to transmit location data from the vehicle back to our secure server network

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Does GoTrack EZ report the location when ignition is OFF? If so, how often.

Yes. We report the vehicles location once an hour when the vehicle is off. We also have a 24 hour “heartbeat” feature that shows up in a report to verify that your unit is working.

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I am trying to use the device without the driver knowing. If the device is found by the driver can it be traced back to me? Is there a serial number or other ID on the device that will show I own it?

The GoTrack unit allows you to keep tabs on your vehicle(s). At this time and in the foreseeable future, we know that it is perfectly legal for you to track the vehicles that you own. You are responsible for adhering to all applicable laws that pertain to your actions. We will not give advice on how to use our equipment in any manner that we believe may not be legal or ethical. With that being said, we do protect your privacy. At no time do we release customer information for any reason other than to the extent necessary to complete your order (i.e. credit card processing). (See privacy policy in the shopping cart section of the website.) When you ask if there is a serial number that can identify you the answer is of course yes. That is how we know which device to set up for your account. Do we give this information out to just anyone? No.

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Does this system/service have any options for access to raw data via internet for use in integration into our own software?

Yes, we can provide that. Please contact our technical service group at 1-800-772-2885 and they can help get you set up.

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Can you delete days?

No, data cannot be deleted from the GoTrack system by the user. All data is securely stored on our servers for a minimum of six months.

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Will this device and the software allow me to generate Mileage logs that are IRS compliant?

Our reports will give you the start and stop along with mileage of all of your trips and mileage by state. This information is guaranteed to be stored on our servers for at least six months. You may at any time, within the six months, download this information or print out a hard copy and keep it forever.

The IRS requires that you keep the origin(start), destination(stop), mileage and purpose of your trip. GoTrack provides the first three and you must add the purpose in order to have an IRS compliant record of a business trip mileage report per IRS publication 463 (

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Where is the OBD-II port located?

On all passenger vehicles 1996 and newer the OBD-II port is located within 2 feet of the steering column. It is typically under the dashboard on the driver’s side.

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What's an OBD-II port?

The OBD-II port is on every passenger vehicle in the United States manufactured since 1996. OBD stands for On-Board-Diagnostics and the Roman numeral II signifies that this is the second version of the diagnostics system. Some manufactures installed OBD ports prior to 1996 but those may not be compatible with the GoTrack EZ OBD-II units. In that case you may need to use our GoTrack 3-wire unit that requires connecting 3 wires to the vehicle (12VDC, Ground, Ignition).

The OBD-II port is typically located below the dash on the drivers side of the vehicle

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How quickly can I get GoTrack EZ units?

We keep GoTrack EZ units in stock and in almost all cases we can ship the same day you order. We ask that you place your order before 3 p.m. Central Time if possible. If its an emergency, let us know and we can usually ship until 5 p.m. Central Time. Our standard shipping is UPS ground and we are centrally located in the US thus making almost all shipments 2-3 days. Overnight shipping is available on our checkout page

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How long is the device, or what are the dimensions?

The dimensions of the GoTrack EZ OBD-II unit are approximately 2″ x 1″ x 1.75″ (plugged in). The GoTrack 3-wire unit is approximately (3.5″ x 5/8″ x 2″).  Our TTU-720 battery unit is approximately (10″ x 2 1/4″ x 2 1/2″) and the BPU-620 battery unit is (4 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″).  Call us at 1-800-772-2885 for more information.

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I have a HYBRID. Can I use the GoTrack EZ?

Yes. However, hybrid vehicles require us to load a special firmware in our GoTrack EZ units. Please let us know when you order if your vehicle is a hybrid. If you forget to tell us when you order, just call us after you receive your unit and you have plugged it into your car and we will do a firmware upgrade over the air.

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Some of my vehicles don't have an OBD-II port.

No problem. We have a three-wire GoTrack unit that does everything exactly the same as the GoTrack EZ OBD-II unit. It also is the same price. The only difference is that the three wires (12VDC, Ground, Ignition) must be connected to the appropriate wires in your vehicle. Our tech support group will be happy to assist you with this installation or we also have a nationwide network of independent professional installers that will be happy to come to your location and install your GoTrack EZ three-wire units.

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What if my unit protrudes from the OBD-II port and is in the way of the driver or near the emergency brake. I'm afraid it might get kicked or damaged.

No problem. You have a couple of choices here. First, the OBD-II port is often mounted under the dash on the driver’s side of the vehicle with two small screws that hold the bracket in place. Remove the two mounting bracket screws, plug the GoTrack EZ unit into the OBD-II port and then “zip-tie” the connector up under the dash so that it is out of the way. The second way is to order our “Y” cable which allows you to do the same method as above, but now you get to put a fully functional OBD-II port back where the original port was.

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Can I install the GoTrack EZ unit covertly?

Yes. There are three ways this can be accomplished.

First, the OBD-II port is often mounted under the dash on the driver’s side of the vehicle with two small screws that hold the bracket in place. Remove the two mounting bracket screws, plug the GoTrack EZ unit into the OBD-II port and then “zip-tie” the connector up under the dash so that it cannot be seen.

Remember, the GoTrack EZ unit has three small LED lights that will be visible at night. To be completely covert, cover these up with a strip of black electrical tape.

The second way is to order our “Y” cable which allows you to do the same method as above, but now you get to put a fully functional OBD-II port back where the original port was.

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How long should I wait after I plug in my GoTrack EZ unit?

Make sure the vehicle is outside when you plug the GoTrack EZ unit in. Once you notice the green and blue lights blinking you should see your vehicle on the map within about 5 minutes.

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How do I install GoTrack 3-wire units?

Installing a GoTrack 3-Wire Device is not difficult to do. We recommend that wire splices be soldered to make sure connections last. We recognize that crimp connectors will also work but they have been a point of failure in installations when the crimp is not done perfectly. Here are the necessary steps: UNIT CANNOT BE INSTALLED UNDER THE HOOD.

GoTrack Harness: RED – 12 VDC Positive (Constant) WHITE – Ignition(12V ON,0V OFF) BLACK – Ground (Vehicle Chassis)

Step 1: Find the ignition and constant power wires. (checkout for wire harness info on most passenger vehicles)

Step 2: Remove ½ inch of the plastic wire coating.

Step 3: Wrap the GoTrack wire around the exposed wire.

Step 4: Solder the connection, and wrap in electrical tape. Cable tie both ends of the tape to the constant power lead.

Step 5: Simply repeat steps 1-4 using the ignition wire.

Step 6: Secure the black wire to the vehicle’s ground. This is best done by removing the kick plates, and tightening the black wire down with star washers around existing screws.

Step 7: Connect the power harness. Secure the GPS tracker to a wire harness or mounting plate using cable ties. Make sure your GPS tracker is facing upwards. The sticker MUST face the sky.The GoTrack 3-wire unit will NOT WORK if it is mounted upside down!!! Try to mount the GPS unit as far from the firewall as possible. For The Best Results Place the Unit as high up in the dash as possible.

Step 8: Attention – The GoTrack 3-wire cannot have more than 16 volts or it will damage the unit. When jump starting a dead battery on your vehicle – UNPLUG the Unit first

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I have a DIESEL pickup truck. Can I use the GoTrack EZ OBD-II plug-in device?

No. Since diesel pickup trucks are larger and heavier than gas pickups (still considered passenger vehicles), they use a different OBD-II protocol even though they have an OBD-II port and you must use the GoTrack 3-wire unit instead.

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