Fleet GPS tracking

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Unlimited number of vehicles

This means whether you have 1 or 1000 vehicles, our fleet GPS tracking helps you manage your vehicle assets and make your operations more efficient.

Unlimited number of users

A fleet GPS tracking device allows you to set up sub-users and allow them access to your fleet or sub fleets based upon your management requirements.

Unlimited number of geofences

Geofences allows you to mark a location (client office, delivery location on a route, etc.) and then easily get a report or even instant notification that one of your fleet vehicles has entered or exited the geofence. It can even be set up to alert you if one of your vehicles leaves your business location after hours. We’ve “recovered” many vehicles that have been removed from their location by unauthorized personnel.

Report external inputs

This feature can be very valuable if your fleet performs operations that require additional monitoring or data. Examples of using the external inputs and outputs are snowplows, salt spreaders, onboard generators, door opening/closing, PTO’s, etc.

Unlimited sub fleets

Sub fleets are most often used in large operations with several different groups and responsibilities. These may be in service companies where they have both installers and repair/service groups or maybe government fleets that handle trash pickup, snow removal, animal control, etc.

Mileage reports

Mileage by State, Start/Stop, Stops, Idling, and Maintenance allow GoTrack™ users to manage a large amount of information in a timely manner. IFTA fuel reports can be extremely time-consuming for OTR fleets that cross state lines. Idling and maintenance reports help to save money and make fleet operators more efficient.

Fast service with fleet GPS Tracking

Our dispatching feature gives dispatchers the closest vehicles to an address. When time is money and your dispatcher needs to make a quick decision, GoTrack™ instantly gives the location of the closest vehicles to a specified address allowing shorter response times.

Fleet GPS tracking

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