How Is GPS Used?

Today, millions of users rely on GPS to find their way from point A to B, or to track people and vehicles. Drivers use GPS to track and follow the simplest route, and look for detours around traffic. Hikers use GPS to make sure they are following the right route, and to reach way points.

Are GPS Car Trackers Legal?

In the United States, GPS car trackers are legal to install in a vehicle you own. So if you own a car (or your business owns a vehicle), you can track it. However, some states have additional laws about tracking. For example California requires employers tell employees if they are being tracked. GoTrack always recommends…
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Three Ways To Define Your Subfleets

It can be argued the key to effective fleet management is proper organization. This is definitely the case when it comes to fleet tracking. By dividing your fleet into well organized subfleets you guarantee you are getting the information you need from each vehicle. Otherwise, you may find that the overnight delivery trucks are triggering…
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Car Tracking Alert Texts (How To)

GoTrack makes car tracking simple with easy to set up GPS trackers and a simple app. Tracking is even easier when you set up your units to send you alerts as text messages. This allows you to get all the important notifications as they occur instead of when you log on to the app. If…
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Set Up Alerts On GoTrack GPS Tracking Devices [Step By Step]

GPS tracking devices make it easy for business owners to manage their fleet. Families use them to keep an eye on family vehicles . With units such as the GoTrack EZ, which simply plugs into most cars, installing trackers is simple. Then you just log into the GoTrack website or GoTrackEZ mobile app (for iPhones…
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GoTrackEZ Tracking App Quick Set Up Guide

Download The GoTrack EZ Tracking App To get the most out of your GoTrack GPS devices you should use the GoTrackEZ tracking app to bring your tracking information to your mobile phone. This free software is available from the Apple App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android phones. You’ll simply download…
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What’s A Geofence? (And What Can They Do?)

If you own a GPS tracker, or have just been shopping for one, you have probably come across the term geofence (or geofencing). This isn’t a very commonly used word outside of GPS applications so it may be a bit confusing. In this short article we’ll explain geofences in plain language. We’ll talk a bit…
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GoTrack GPS Tracker Installation [Quick Start Guide]

There are three type of GoTrack GPS tracker units available. If you already have selected a unit, skip right to the appropriate section below. If you are still choosing which GoTrack tracker is right for you this article may help you select based on the ease of installation. The GoTrackEZ GPS Tracker GoTrack’s smallest model…
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