Enhance Your Tracking Experience with Unlimited Users

GoTrack wants to make your GPS tracking as easy and convenient as possible. Because of this, we have many added features to enhance your tracking experience. One of these features includes the admin user being able to add more logins to the GPS account. Here are a few examples of accounts for unlimited users.

Teen Tracking

  • Mom and Dad both need a login
  • Older sisters and brothers
  • Grandparents

Elderly Tracking

  • Spouses need a login
  • Daughters and sons
  • Caregivers

Business Fleet Tracking

  • Owners need a login
  • Managers and Fleet supervisors
  • Dispatchers

Adding Unlimited Users is Simple

The process of setting up unlimited users is incredibly easy. All you have to do is log in to your admin account (every new GoTrack user is initially set up as the account admin), select the “Users” tab on the top right of the application window, select “Add New User”, then fill in the requested information for your new user and lastly, click “Add” at the bottom. This is a nice and easy way to give your teenage driver, employees, or spouse access to your vehicle(s) being tracked.

Contact Us for Help with Unlimited Users & More

If you are looking for a GPS Vehicle Tracking solution to improve business efficiency or for your family’s safety, contact GoTrack to answer your questions. 1-800-772-2885 or visit the website www.gotrack.com.

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