How GoTrack GPS Units Improve Business Efficiency

Owning and operating a small business can be stressful, but with GoTrack the stress of keeping track of employee hours can be alleviated and you will improve business efficiency.

Radius Feature to Improve Business Efficiency

Instead of using outdated and time-consuming timecards, make clocking in a breeze with GoTrack’s easy to use radius feature. Employees can now “clock in” by simply driving to their designated work locations. Each GPS unit can be programmed to send alerts, via text or email, to the account holder when the vehicle enters any specified location. Not only can this feature help keep track of when employees get to their work sites, but it can also help keep track of locations employees are NOT supposed to be at. It can also keep track of when employees have had extended breaks and long lunches, thus keeping your employees on task.

A Running Time Card

Under Reports the Start/Stop report is your employees running time card. This report gives you starting time and address with distance driven, driving time and the stop time. This report can easily be scheduled for daily, weekly or monthly delivery as an excel spreadsheet for time card purposes.

Contact GoTrack for a Solution

If you are looking for a GPS Vehicle Tracking solution to improve business efficiency, contact GoTrack to answer your questions. 1-800-772-2885 or visit the website

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