WIRED DEVICES – Do You Need A GPS Tracking Replacement?

Are you in need for a new GPS Vehicle Tracking replacement device or system?

…maybe it’s time to get a wired device from GoTrack.

Here are a few unique and some good reasons for a new GPS Vehicle Tracking device:

GPS device is lost – My daughter found the plug-in GPS vehicle tracking device on my car and threw it out the window!  My employee unplugged the GPS device while off-site. Yes, we confirmed his GoTrack GPS device was a true reading with GoTrack’s back-up battery where his company vehicle was stopped.

GPS device is stolen or damaged are also call-ins we get and our GoTrack customers quickly see we’ll ship a new GoTrack GPS tracker out the same day for a small replacement fee (EZ plug-in & at times even better a 3-wire device for exchange).  This brand new GPS device will take on the existing data plan of the old GPS tracker! (No need for another data plan.)

Purchased a new vehicle to replace a vehicle that was sold, “We forgot to retrieve the GPS device before the sold vehicle left” or we fired an employee & now the GPS device is missing in the truck… these are just a few stories today, we have heard, for a replacement sales order over the phone for a GoTrack 3-Wire GPS Vehicle Tracker, leaving satisfied business & family customers still “tracking”!

“I’m in need of a better GPS Vehicle Tracking System and I was referred by this company / this friend I know referred me to GoTrack.”  If you are not yet a customer, please call in for a demonstration right over the phone.

Before you decide which GPS Vehicle Tracking device to buy, we have summarized Frequently Asked Questions to help you choose under the orange hamburger icon at the top left of our website  – See “How it Works”, and look at FAQ for questions regarding OBD-II port, port location, covert installation, 3-wire installation, for DIESEL pickup truck, for fleets, and much more details. Below is an overview.

3-Wire – The GoTrack 3-wire unit is approximately 3.5″ x 5/8″ x 2″.

GoTrack Wired devices are preferred for diesel trucks, perfect for vehicles made before 1996, large trucks, buses and discreet installation. Installing a GoTrack 3-Wire device is not difficult to do.  That being said, many choose to pay someone else to install the 3-Wire devices for them. Our tech support group will be happy to assist you with this installation or we also have a nationwide network of independent professional installers that will be happy to come to your location and install your GoTrack 3-wire units. The unit requires a simple installation of three wires: 12 VDC, Ignition and ground. This product does not use your OBD-II port.

Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Please call us for questions, not directions, at 1-800-772-2885.

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