My favorite story using our GoTrack GPS Tracking System is a mom whose military daughter was needed to report soon at a new base clear across the country.  The mom called in to thank us and tell us the story of her daughter’s move, the help she gave at times with directions, and (you heard) the relief watching her daughter reach locations along the way through many states to her daughter’s new home.  We are honored to support our military families.

Another favorite is the story of a grandfather whose car was stuck, off the road, in the snow on a very cold winter’s day.  His daughter called in to tell her story of calling the police after telling her father to stay in the warm car and wait for help coming.

Closer to home was my twin calling from across the ocean, waking me up at night, because mom (83 at the time) wasn’t answering her phone.  I was relieved and alarmed to tell him her car is there and relieved to call him back to say she did pick up the phone for me. Mom laughed to hear me say I was instructed by “the Colonel” (in Saudi) to drive over if she didn’t pick up. My mom appreciates all the love and concern and tells her friends about GoTrack GPS Tracking giving peace of mind.

Mom also says you can call someone if you get lost.  Yes, construction on the highway forced her off her familiar route to the hospital and she was turned around.   She called me at work for directions (lost). Yes, blocks away, she thanked me, hung up the phone and drove. She was on a church mission as Deacon visiting the sick.  She didn’t need to call me back – I saw she made it.

We get a lot of calls from parents wanting to buy a GPS tracking system for their teens who are driving off to college.  So much driving across several states and trips back coming home for the holiday breaks. As my daughter, Ali, was driving back from college for a Memorial Weekend picnic at the lake, I stayed home with 1 sick kid.  Her father drove the rest of the family to the lake. Both her Dad and I knew at the same time in two different cities where Ali was and when to put the hot dogs on the grill (she was late). I knew when they left to come home, taking the 1.5 hours trip home during holiday traffic.  I must have checked my screen it seemed a hundred times to see how soon I could hug my daughter back from college.

Another favorite story is a soon deploying military family using their GoTrack GPS Tracking system to stay in touch to know best when to call.

Farm equipment travels acres using Asset Trackers such as the GoTrack TTU-720 to keep a watch when moved and to report, if stolen, where it is.  But that is another set of stories, check out the article: Asset Tracking With The GoTrack App for more information on Asset Trackers.

These are just a few stories highlighting travels of users of GoTrack GPS Vehicle Trackers.  Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Please call us for questions 1-800-772-2885.

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