TEEN TRACKING – Is it right for me?

Parents responsibly monitoring their teens driving have turned to GPS Vehicle Tracking.  GPS Vehicle Tracking will not only show where their teen is but what time their teen has left and is now driving home!  No parent likes to call their teenager – while they are driving – just to find out if they are driving home yet.  This information can be found without bothering them while they are driving.  You can see what speed they are driving as well as estimate when they will be home.

Geo- fencing teen’s activites.

Teen GPS Vehicle Tracking uses geo-fencing.  This will text or email you when your teen left for school, entered school, left school for work, left work for home, left practice at the pool, track, or sporting games to come home.  This information is helpful if they remember to call you before turning the car on, but if they know your vehicle is tracked, they won’t be driving and calling you!

Speed tracking with a GPS Vehicle Tracker.  Any teen that has had a lecture with their parent about their heavy foot will promise you not to do it again.  Sitting down and going over their driving speed history with a GPS Vehicle Tracker will not be an argument but will be an opportunity, when driving privilege is restored, to be a better driver.

Maintenance of Teen Vehicles

With a GPS Vehicle Tracker on your vehicle that your teen drives, you will be reminded of routine vehicle maintenance to ensure your teen is driving a maintained vehicle.

Reports of GPS Vehicle Tracking on your teen

You can have history of the miles your vehicle has driven by your teen to college, work, sports, frequencies, & dates.  Our GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking system gives the last 6 months data at any one time. For saving records, our customers export weekly, monthly reports.

Alerts via Email or Texts

With a GPS Vehicle Tracking system such as GoTrack, you can have more than one parent or guardian overseeing the driving safety of your teen, keeping the calls, “Did you make it?” and the texting from your teen in a parked car or while walking in, or getting the text at their needed location (i.e., work, sports, school, activity), “Yes, I made it!” not necessary!  We all like to get calls from our kids. They can call you when convenient to talk and not just simply, I made it – pressing them to do as quickly as possible to one or more caring parents or relative or guardian worried about their new driving teen.

After hours notifications if your teen has a curfew and what teen doesn’t, your phone can be notified by text or email if the vehicle moves after curfew.  You may find it was stolen and can assist the police in finding your vehicle.

Next movement notification if your teen is at a location (i.e., working overtime, sporting game, party, school or college function) where you want to know when he leaves – with GoTrack Vehicle Tracking, you click next movement when stopped and you will be notified via text or email.

These are just a few highlighted features you may find useful to use with your teen.  Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Call for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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