Outdoor recreational “Toys” need track of too  – Call to see if our GoTrack Asset Tracker is the perfect fit to keep track of the outdoor recreational equipment you own.

Instant Email Alerts!

“EZ Alert“ … have you used this convenient and popular instant next movement alert found at GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking?


My favorite story using our GoTrack GPS Tracking System is a mom whose military daughter was needed to report soon at a new base clear across the country.  The mom called in to thank us and tell us the story of her daughter’s move, the help she gave at times with directions, and (you heard)…
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TEEN TRACKING – Is it right for me?

Parents responsibly monitoring their teens driving have turned to GPS Vehicle Tracking.  GPS Vehicle Tracking will not only show where their teen is but what time their teen has left and is now driving home!  No parent likes to call their teenager – while they are driving – just to find out if they are…
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GPS Tracking Devices for Pre-Dementia / Pre-Alzheimer Patients

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 in 10 people with dementia will wander. This can be dangerous for the person with dementia and cause significant stress for his or her caregivers, even though 94% of people who wander are found within a mile and a half of where they disappeared. Wandering and getting lost can…
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Are GPS Car Trackers Legal?

In the United States, GPS car trackers are legal to install in a vehicle you own. So if you own a car (or your business owns a vehicle), you can track it. However, some states have additional laws about tracking. For example California requires employers tell employees if they are being tracked. GoTrack always recommends…
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[Question] Is There A New GPS System?

You may have read that the United States Air Force has recently accepted the first GPS III satellite from Lockheed Martin. Does this mean there is a “new” GPS system coming? The short answer is yes, but don’t worry! Your current trackers and navigation equipment will still work. Read on to learn what GPS III…
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