Spring Break and GPS Vehicle Tracking

Spring break is right around the corner, so you know what that means… college students everywhere planning trips to the mountains, beach, or anywhere in between for spring break. Some of these road trips can be far away from your home or their college. Know exactly where your college student is on their spring break trip with the GoTrack GPS real-time vehicle tracker.

Easy Installation

With GoTrack, you can see where they are, how fast they are driving, and when they get to their hotel. Use the GoTrack EZ alert whenever you want to know the very next time the vehicle moves from their parked location. Not by a computer all the time, login in from your Apple or Android Smartphone for a quick look in to see where your kids are. Easy installation allows you to simply plug in the unit into the OBDII port right before they leave.

Put Your Mind at Ease this Spring Break using GPS Tracking

If you want to keep the unit a secret, you can undo the OBDII port from its bracket and hide everything behind the dash or you can get a 3-wire unit, and have it installed up under the dash at your local mechanic shop. So this spring break, put your mind at ease with GoTrack GPS!

GoTrack makes purchasing easy. Simply click the link below and they will send out a unit with Free shipping via USPS Priority Mail.


If you have questions about our GPS vehicle trackers, please contact us today at 1-800-772-2885.

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