3 Types of GPS Vehicle Trackers

When it comes to tracking your loved ones while they drive for peace of mind, GoTrack has you covered. However, there are different types of GPS vehicle trackers to know about before you get started. Learn more about three types of GPS vehicle trackers here:


Are you interested in vehicle tracking but worried GPS units will be a hassle to install and will take up too much room in your vehicles? With GoTrack’s OBD GPS unit, you can install it yourself in less than a minute. All you have to do is simply locate your vehicle’s OBD port (always 2 feet below the steering wheel right, left or in the middle), plug the unit in and you’re ready to start tracking! With the unit’s small dimensions, it won’t be in the way of the driver. If you want to hide the unit even more you can unhook the OBD port from the dash and hide everything back behind the dash.


Don’t want the driver to see the GPS unit? Simply place a piece of black tape over the OBD unit to cover up the lights or consider purchasing one of GoTrack’s 3-wire units. Though these 3-wire units do have to be installed up under the dash, it isn’t too difficult and most mechanic shops know how to install them (check with Best Buy locations for your installation). These 3-wire units are hardly detectable and leave your OBD port free and unused.

Battery Powered

Need to track an asset without having the unit plugged into a power source? No problem! GoTrack’s Asset Tracker is its OWN source of power. It has an on-board battery within the unit itself that has a life of about two years. Once it goes dead, simply replace the battery and you’re good to go for another two years. These units are perfect for tracking trailers, golf carts, campers, boats, and even UTVs.

If you have questions about the types of GPS vehicle trackers we offer or are ready to order your unit, contact us today.  Just give us a call at 1-800-772-2885.

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