GPS Trackers for Out of State College Students

As a college student going to a college out of state, having a GPS trackers on my truck makes me feel a little better. If I get lost on my drive, I can call one of my parents and have them log in, look up my GPS unit, and tell me how to get back on track. This helps a lot especially since there is a ton of highway construction going on since my parents can tell me how to get around the construction traffic by looking up my unit. Also, when I was a freshman living in the dorms on campus, I had to park almost three miles away and ride the university bus to the parking lot from campus. This would have caused me a lot of stress if I hadn’t had a GPS unit in my car. I could log in anytime I wanted to make sure my truck was right where I left it. And with the First Movement Alert feature, I would get a notification if my truck moved from that remote parking lot (luckily that never happened). Overall, I am very thankful that my parents installed this GoTrack GPS unit in my truck!

Peace of Mind with GPS Trackers for College Students

My parents also have peace of mind when I have a 3-hour drive to come home from college and to go back. They don’t bother me by calling all the time and wondering “Where are you now”? They simply login in from their phones and they can see and watch LIVE in real time where I am. I do however get calls from my parents when I occasionally go over the speed limit and they get an email alert that I am speeding. I now pay more attention to the speed limits during my long trips.

Thanks, GoTrack!

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