Curious how to get started with GoTrack GPS tracking?

Easy as 1-2-3!    All you have to do is:

  1. Select your unit
  2. Choose your data plan
  3. Install your unit and start tracking!

To find the GoTrack GPS tracking units on our website, go to “Products”.  Once you’re there, you can figure out which unit is right for you by first identifying the type of vehicle you’re going to track.  Looking into purchasing a GoTrack GPS unit but don’t know if we have a unit to fit your vehicle?  Here at GoTrack, we have a unit to fit almost every vehicle type. Whether your vehicle is a a standard passenger vehicle, large diesel truck, an older vehicle, or even a hybrid, we have just the unit for you.

If it’s a vehicle 1995 or newer and is NOT a diesel truck or box truck then our EZ OBD unit is for you. This unit simply plugs into the OBD-II port below the dash in your vehicle.  Our OBD unit is versatile in that it can be moved from vehicle to vehicle easily.  View installation video here:

If your vehicle is a diesel truck, box truck and/or an older type of vehicle, then the 3-wire is the better unit for you.  Our 3-wire units are a great alternative to EZ OBD units and report just the same.  Diesel trucks are larger and heavier than regular gas vehicles and use a different OBD-II protocol, so the standard EZ OBD unit does not work in those type vehicles. With these types of trucks, the 3-wire is perfect. Also vehicles that are older than 1996 (that have an OBD port) have a good chance of not being compatible with the EZ OBD unit.  If your vehicle’s OBD port is not compatible or if your vehicle simply does not have an OBD port, then again, the 3-wire is a great choice.  This unit is easy to install behind the dash with one wire for 12 volt hot, another wire for 12 volt switch (ignition) and the third wire for ground.

If you are looking to track a boat, UTV, skid steer, trailer etc. then the asset tracker is perfect for what you need. These units have an on-board power supply with up to a 3 year life and are weather-proof.

Tracking hybrids is slightly different. The EZ OBD unit is perfectly compatible with hybrids, however, you will need to let one of our associates know if you are planning to install your unit in a hybrid. The reason for this is that hybrids require us to load a special firmware into our EZ OBD units.

Once you choose your unit, just select which data plan is best for you out of the options that are offered for the unit you chose.  Now that you have your unit and airtime purchased, your unit will be sent via USPS priority mail the same day. Simply wait for your unit to arrive and after you install your device just login on our website and you’re ready to track!

If you have any questions or need assistance, just give us a call at 1-800-772-2885 and one of our team members will assist you.

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