Keep Your Business Running

At GoTrack, we want to keep your business running…as fast as it can AND your Experienced Drivers not — speeding! Using our GPS Vehicle Tracking System, you can keep track of your fleet cars, trucks, and vans (see below for details).


Take time to winterize your vehicle fleets before winter.

Need to Add to Your GPS Vehicle Tracking this Season?

Autumn begins! To our Summer-seasonal companies, we hope you ended outstandingly in sales this summer and we welcome back, returning this Autumn, our Fall-seasonal companies as they begin…welcome back!  Now lets talk about adding GPS Vehicle Tracking for autumn.

Summer Holidays – 4th of July around the corner!

Scheduling around employees’ Holidays & vacations this summer can be challenging, working to cover all bases and commitments.  With GPS Vehicle Tracking on-line, you can check your available vehicles and working (or not moving) heavy duty asset equipment at home too for instant viewing, for those who want to get a head start before heading…
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Mileage By The State: Mileage Tracking With GoTrack

During these rainy days and nights this Spring, we have thousands of our delivery fleets / service fleets /cars, trucks, & vans on the road.  Many local destinations in our city are crossing state lines on a regular basis. Your internal accounting department may use state mileage totals for their own accounting reasons or for…
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Where the *$%# are my Trucks?

Have you ever asked this question as a company owner?  If you have then there is an option you can use to answer this daily question, GPS Vehicle Tracking.

3 Benefits Businesses Get From Fleet Trackers

GPS fleet trackers are more than simple beacons reporting location on demand. They use the basic location and time data to calculate movement, speed and more. This allows any business with company vehicles to benefit in three broad ways: improved safety, better planning and easy management. The bottom line is tracking will increase not only…
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Small Business Questions About GPS Fleet Tracking

Most small business owners immediately understand the potential benefits installing a fleet tracking system brings their operation. These include improved logistics, protection against equipment loss, proof of driver conduct and more. However, many business owners also have questions. What if employees use their personal vehicles for work or are allowed to take their work vehicle…
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Are GPS Car Trackers Legal?

In the United States, GPS car trackers are legal to install in a vehicle you own. So if you own a car (or your business owns a vehicle), you can track it. However, some states have additional laws about tracking. For example California requires employers tell employees if they are being tracked. GoTrack always recommends…
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Three Ways To Define Your Subfleets

It can be argued the key to effective fleet management is proper organization. This is definitely the case when it comes to fleet tracking. By dividing your fleet into well organized subfleets you guarantee you are getting the information you need from each vehicle. Otherwise, you may find that the overnight delivery trucks are triggering…
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