Use GoTrack’s Vehicle Maintenance Alerts for Your Fleet or Family

Knowing when your vehicles need maintenance can be tough, especially if you have a whole fleet. That’s where GoTrack can help!

Maintenance Feature

With the maintenance feature, you can keep track of when your vehicles need an oil change, tire rotation, transmission check and brakes for example. Not only are maintenance alerts a feature, but you can get alerts by date, so every six months or year, that way you know when your vehicles are ready for other routine things, such as new license plate renewals or insurance.

Perfect for Business or Personal Use

This is hugely beneficial to businesses with a large number of vehicles in their fleet, such as rental car businesses and trucking companies. But this feature isn’t just beneficial for businesses, it is also beneficial for parents with college kids who go to school out of state. College kids can be forgetful since they’re juggling studying for exams and turning in homework on time, so this feature can keep you and your child on the same page with their vehicle needs.

Get Started

One more advantage to make the switch to the GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking solution. Just give our office a call at 1-800-772-2885 or contact us by email at and one of our friendly associates will provide you with all the information you need about our maintenance feature!

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