Take time to winterize your vehicle fleets before winter.

A couple of bears made a splash in an October light news article invading a Colorado resident’s backyard pool ahead of their pending November hibernation. I am not convinced a bath was on their list as much as the warm day; however, preparing for winter makes good sense —

Winterize Your Vehicle Fleets

Are you taking time to winterize your fleet vehicles this Fall?  Before the snow hits the ground, you’ll remember…

With a GPS Vehicle Tracking system like GoTrack, you will be email reminded by date or by miles driven on each vehicle tracked for important vehicle maintenance service tasks such as oil changes or basic vehicle maintenance service check lists you design.

In making sure your vehicles are in good shape, you are depending on a coordinated effort between drivers communicating with supervisors of their vehicle maintenance service needs and your vehicle maintenance department or shops doing routine check-ups and routine service, including replacing worn or dated, old parts, tubes, plugs, etc. as recommended.

GoTrack’s App Helps You with Maintenance

GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking app has a Maintenance Tab for you to see all vehicle’s maintenance service due (by date or by miles driven) you create and shows your status — such as Ok, Pending, Due, Past Due, Completed.  This gives you the up-to-date information on your vehicle maintenance preventive care and service needed on your vehicles to keep your business running as smooth as possible.

Once you have created a Maintenance task, it will be listed under the maintenance tab and will read ‘pending’. Once that device passes the target mileage or the selected date is passed, an alert will be sent to your email and the task will change to green with a status of ‘OK’. From here you can click on the task name and either delete, reset, or complete the task.

Use Reports for Record Keeping

Scheduled Reports can be set up to print for record keeping of vehicle maintenance as well as other Customizable Reports: Start/Stop (time card), Detailed Activity (bread crumb trail), Saved Locations (geo-fences), Stops, Speed, Idle, and Inputs.

More GoTrack App Features

Input sensors are used with our GoTrack Vehicle Tracking application and supports different types of input sensors for a GPS Tracker device such as Dash Cameras, Snow Plows, Salt Spreaders or Door Sensors.  Please call Todd for an on-line demonstration.  For new” Smart Witness” and in-cab Driver cameras, ask for Todd, GoTrack Sales Manager. We sell HD Vehicle Incident Camera with Instant 3G Video Transmission of Events as well as GoTrack Vehicle Tracking and Battery Powered GPS Asset Trackers (perfect to protect heavy equipment, inventory that’s at a high risk of theft, or your personal RV, off-road vehicle, jet skis or motorcycle that could go missing).  Try us here at GoTrack.

Contact Us Today

Here at GoTrack, we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Contact us for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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