Mileage By The State: Mileage Tracking With GoTrack

During these rainy days and nights this Spring, we have thousands of our delivery fleets / service fleets /cars, trucks, & vans on the road.  Many local destinations in our city are crossing state lines on a regular basis. Your internal accounting department may use state mileage totals for their own accounting reasons or for IFTA.  GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking will do that for you. Our reports will give you the start and stop data along with mileage tracking of all of your trips and mileage by state. This information is guaranteed to be stored on our servers for at least six months. At any time within the six months, you can download this information to print out for later use, when needed.  Setting up a scheduled, regular state mileage report is useful to our customers at GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking.

For driving in this Spring rain and night driving, here are a few tips from drivers to remember:  Regularly clean the inside of your windshield to help reduce nighttime glare. Make sure wiper blades are in good working order and windshields are clean.  If your headlights aren’t doing a good job of lighting up the road, visit your shop or local mechanic for an adjustment. If drivers are wearing glasses, adding an anti-reflective coating to the lens will help reduce glare and can sharpen vision.  Remember our ability to see at night changes as we age! Another driving article mentioned “almost half of all driving deaths happen at night” so stay sharp / stay safe.

GoTrack tracking devices are not designed to meet the ELD requirements for commercial/over the road trucking but meets state mileage requirements for IFTA as well as these benefits below:

Key Benefits with the GoTrack GPS System

  • Track real time every 60 seconds 24/7/365
  • Works on any PC, Mac or Smart Phone with Internet access
  • Customizable Email Alerts: Speeds, Idling, After Hours Movement
  • Customizable Reports: Start/Stop (time card), Detailed Activity (bread crumb trail), Saved Locations (geo-fences), Stops, Speed, Idle, Inputs
  • Maintenance Intervals: Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Insurance Renewal
  • Unlimited Number of Vehicles, Users and Geo-Fences

Furthermore, a GPS Tracking application supports different types of sensors for a GPS Tracker device such as Dash Cameras, Snow Plows, Salt Spreaders or Door Sensors.

When it is time to replace your fleet, any of the GoTrack™ models can be simply disconnected and placed in a new vehicle.

Ask about our referral policy.  Referrals are welcome and have grown our strong business.  Our referring customers and employees feel it’s a top GPS Vehicle Tracking System and employees at GoTrack are not just advocates, they also use GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking on their personal cars, trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles, trailers, RVs, etc.

Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Call for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

Traveling to mom’s house this Mother’s Day? …. Is she coming to your home for Mother’s Day or is a package, flowers, and/or card being delivered? I love seeing my 80+ mom getting out of her house by first movement text from her GoTrack GPS Vehicle tracker on her car….except when it’s raining! Usually, it means it’s a good day for her.  For myself, May finds me driving around watching for newly sprung trees and flowers of color everywhere (in the sunshine or right after it rains – it’s beautiful)! You may not be able to stop driving but take notice of Spring around you. Happy Spring Travels this Mother’s Day.

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