Senior Drivers – Is your sweet mom, dear ol’ dad driving?

Many families have turned to a GPS Vehicle Tracking System to know if their senior parents are driving and to see vehicle home to call.  A GPS Vehicle Tracking System shows you where your vehicles are and where it’s been driven (minute by minute driving and hour by hour with engine off).  It assuredly helps families with aging independent driving Senior parents.

A bit concerned why your senior parent, you thought was home, isn’t picking up the phone or cell? Maybe they forgot to put their hearing aid in or turn the cell ringer back on from vibrate (Sundays).  Maybe they are not in the same room as the phone. Have they left the house without taking their cell phone with them? … Get them a GPS Vehicle Tracking System and you both will feel better connected when they are driving alone, and as their mobility slows down.

GPS Tracking For Senior Drivers

Eye appointments, hearing checked, check-ups, defensive senior driving classes are all useful for senior driving safety.  Also look at past driving reports from a GPS Vehicle Tracking System like GoTrack (times, stops, engine idling, driving speeds) to review concerns.  See street level 360 degree viewing for location as well as satellite map viewing. With a GPS Vehicle Tracking System, you can be more aware of mom, dad.  There may come a day you see your senior parents’ avoiding night driving and highway driving. Driving may change, but love doesn’t.

We do offer month to month data plans, after the first year with a GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking system.  This will show you where your Senior independent-driving parent is and where they have been (& more i.e., set up alerts: maintenance reminders, first movement, next movement, enter/exiting saved location to be texted or emailed).

When my widowed mom agreed to have her car tracked she thought correctly it would help give her family peace of mind living alone.  As she has called me for directions, she now also realizes she can see (before leaving the store) where she left the car parked on her cell phone, knows if car is stolen-it’s tracked, and know we can see why she isn’t picking up the phone at home.  (She’s driving!) GoTrack has connected families. Thanks GoTrack.

With Memorial Holiday this month, we honor the families & loved ones, who have had family pass away.   We wish all our customers this month a good Memorial weekend with your families. For your tracking needs, any questions – please call. We have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Call for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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