Considering a GPS Vehicle Tracking System at GoTrack?  Which do you buy – a GoTrack EZ that plugs in or a GoTrack 3-WIRE that is installed?  


Does your property insurance tell you WHERE your trailer, bulldozer, farm or heavy equipment, etc. is ( location) on your property, maybe outside, or even while moving, where it is? Of course not! — Try GoTrack’s TTU-720 battery powered Asset Tracker and find out!


“Not My fault!” – Save the work drama of traffic accidents using In-Vehicle GPS Tracking Cameras sold at GoTrack for your fleet vans and trucks.

Benefits of Vehicle GPS Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking has a number of benefits to transportation and service businesses. From deliveries, back-office procedures and employee performance. GPS tracking helps enable you to take control and monitor fleet vehicles and manpower.

What Are A Few Functions of a GPS Tracking System?

Maintaining company vehicles can be quite challenging. You have to keep track of these vehicles at all times, whether it involves their actual location or issues with maintenance. Using a GPS tracking system can help you care for the vehicles with great efficiency. You can use the system to reduce operating costs, monitor the number…
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What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking software is designed to help you locate a precise location of a vehicle, a certain object or a person. It uses the latest technology of the Global Positioning System in order to determine the precise location of the object that you need to record at intervals. A GPS tracking system can be particularly…
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Choosing The Right Vehicle GPS Tracker

Once you decide that your business can benefit from incorporating a vehicle GPS tracker system, you still have the daunting task of selecting the right solution for your needs.  Obviously, cost is a factor but there are more considerations that need to be addressed including vehicle installation concerns and data management once you begin tracking…
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Asset Tracking With The GoTrack App

GPS tracking your vehicles helps keep your business or family safe in many ways. This has led many people to wonder if they can use tracking to keep other expensive assets such as trailers, boats, construction equipment and even cargo units safe. The answer is yes, you can get all of the advantages of vehicle…
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Small Business Questions About GPS Fleet Tracking

Most small business owners immediately understand the potential benefits installing a fleet tracking system brings their operation. These include improved logistics, protection against equipment loss, proof of driver conduct and more. However, many business owners also have questions. What if employees use their personal vehicles for work or are allowed to take their work vehicle…
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Are GPS Car Trackers Legal?

In the United States, GPS car trackers are legal to install in a vehicle you own. So if you own a car (or your business owns a vehicle), you can track it. However, some states have additional laws about tracking. For example California requires employers tell employees if they are being tracked. GoTrack always recommends…
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