GoTrack GPS Partners with Tebo Creek BBQ

GoTrack is proud to announce that we have partnered with Tebo Creek BBQ who competes all across the nation in barbecue competitions.  Below is a a testimony from Tebo Creek:

Good morning Tebo Creek BBQ friends and family. We are very happy and pleased to announce a new partnership with an outstanding KC company for the 2020 BBQ Season.  Welcome GoTrack Online Vehicle Tracking. A premier GPS vehicle tracking system for your Fleet or Family.

We all know or have heard of many instances of theft in our BBQ community. Very expensive smokers, Food/Competition trailers and our trucks that pull these assets unfortunately get stolen.  These guys have a battery powered solution that can track these assets if that happens and make recovery very, very fast and get you back in business.

**Receive custom alerts by email or text message
**Track from your smartphone or computer
**Easy to Install GPS Car Tracker for your vehicle or Battery powered solutions for Smokers, Trailers.

Imagine a Food Trailer owner being able to provide a public, guest account to your customers to allow them to see from their smart phone, tablet, computer where you are located.

When we are up and motoring again in 2020 I will share a guest account for Tebo Creek BBQ so you can see each week where we will be competing. I invite you to our cook site to see the device and I actually will be carrying extras if you would like one.

Thanks again to the folks at GoTrack for their support it is truly appreciated.

Check them out at and give them a shout if you have any questions and better yet mention TEBO CREEK BBQ and receive a 20% BBQ discount for all of our BBQ family.  @tebocreekbbq

And since many families are constantly on the go, it might give you peace of mind to know that our website is mobile-friendly! Simply go to our website in any browser on your mobile device, log in, and you’re ready to go!  Contact us today with any questions.

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If you are looking for a GPS Vehicle Tracking solution to improve business efficiency or for your BBQ equipment tracking, contact GoTrack to answer your questions. 1-800-772-2885 or visit the website

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