Track Your Employees Mileage With GoTrack’s Mileage by State Feature

Keeping track of your employees mileage can be tough, so keep your employees honest and keep your payroll organized with GoTrack’s mileage by state feature.

Mileage by State Feature to Track Employees

Does your company have to keep track of their vehicle’s mileage driven in each state for tax purposes? This feature is absolutely perfect for trucking companies. With this feature, you can get a report that shows how many miles your employees have driven in each state. This report automatically keeps track of all the data on its own, so there’s no hassle necessary or writing down the vehicle’s mileage when you cross state lines.

Maybe you just want to know how may miles your vehicles are driving each week, month or yearly. And for your convenience, these reports can be sent to you on an excel sheet scheduled weekly, monthly, or even quarterly, but you can access these reports online whenever you please.

Get Started Today

If you have more questions about how this feature works or how to get it started tracking your employees mileage, contact us today. Just email us or give us a call at 800-772-2885 and one of our helpful customer service representatives will give you all the information you need!

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