Many company vehicles out in the field drive home and stay parked till heading back to work again.  That is their company policy. With GoTrack you will know your policy is followed.

Do you have an understanding with your drivers that company vehicles are not to be driven on personal time when allowed to drive to and from work (or say a week off at home, after many weeks in the field)?  Do you want an easy way to watch this? Get a GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

There are several alerts or reports that can be used, depending on what’s best for you.  With outside Working Hours notification, you can custom set each day of the week by checking the box and filling out the daily work hours if you would like a notification when any devices are moved outside of working hours.

Another customer of GoTrack has set up geo-fencing around each employee’s home neighborhood/town for being aware of personal abuse of a company’s driving policy during time-off. He is notified when his company vehicles are back home after several weeks in the field and then when they are off driving again beyond the geo-fence he set.  He has chosen a “circular” miles radius option rather than polygonal geo-fencing (allowing within his geo-fence he set up that driving within the employee’s neighborhood town is overlooked). We honor his anonymous generosity. The radius in miles offers many choices ranging from .1, .25, .5, to 1-100 miles. Notification is emailed.

Reports are great too if you know exact start and end dates you want information on such as total miles driven.

Remember to list driver’s phone numbers with the Vehicles named for ease in contacting them with a one-touch or click from your viewing device if applicable.

For help in naming your fleet vehicles, we have come across a lot of styles and combinations that have worked for others (employee numbers, license plate numbers, driver’s names, year with make & model).  As well as condition listed (i.e., empty, totaled, sold) to help know status.

If you are thinking about a GPS Vehicle Tracking System and want to try GoTrack, check at the article “Considering a GPS Vehicle Tracking System at GoTrack?  Which do you buy – a GoTrack EZ that plugs in or a GoTrack 3-WIRE that is installed?” or FAQ: http://www.gotrack.com/gps-tracker-faqs.html or call us for a demonstration.

Remember, we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Call for questions at 1-800-772-2885. Have a great summer!

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