Keeping your cost down, curbing driving mistakes and more with a GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

Vehicle “Idling” – Do you know if your business or vehicle drivers forget/leave your cars running while stopped?  

“It’s a team effort” – a favorite saying and a true statement, involving your leadership, business/drivers, vehicles, and GoTrack to help keep your cost/overhead down.  It’s nice when GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking is part of the mix to help you work smart.

My husband’s truck company sends out reminders to curb idling after reaching a certain total percentage for their truck yard as they compete with the other depots.

Let GoTrack work out your driving needs.  What if minimizing the loss of driving time, reducing risk, and lowering financial cost to you can be improved by owning a GPS Vehicle Tracking System like GoTrack – giving accountability to your vehicles.

At GoTrack, your GPS Vehicle Tracking System can make you aware of time, risk, and help your bottom line (profits).  The rest is up to you to reward or improve your drivers on the road, schedule vehicle downtime for maintenance needs, and have GoTrack Reports work for you (Start/Stop (time card), Detailed Activity (bread crumb trail), Saved Locations (geo-fences), Stops, Speed, Idle, State Mileage).

“Knowledge is power” – Keep drivers’ speeding from repeating with speed alert notifications (via text or email).  It is easy to do – using a GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System. You may be surprised to see if any one of your drivers are speeding.   Do you know? A GPS Vehicle Tracking System may help driver’s mistakes stay rare.

“Awareness is key” – Alerts:  Idle alert, speeding alert, EZ-Alert (instant next movement),  Geo-fencing Alert (exit/enter), and GPS Unit Power alert. Maintenance logs:  Using Maintenance Reports at GoTrack will help you be aware of vehicle maintenance, inspections, and insurance renewals due to keep your cars, trucks, and/or vans covered and in good shape.

For Teen, Nanny, Senior parent, an engine idling is about safety…and an idle text alert can be the start of a conversation from the heart.  Who will admit they left the engine on while running in –to shop, pick up (say Panera’s), or just plain forgot, leaving the car idling while eating lunch at a restaurant.  GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems will send an idle text alert as soon as 5 minutes idling (to as long as 600 minutes idling). The rest is up to you.

I am humbled working for a great company as GoTrack and the perk to have my own GPS Vehicle Tracking System for my family’s use.  The peace and surety GoTrack has given me with my family from driving kids, teens driving, and now an independent, very active senior mom driving is priceless.  Thanks GoTrack!

Please call for questions. We have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Call for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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