Are you too Busy for a GPS Vehicle Tracker?

Companies and folks like you use a GPS Vehicle Tracking System on their delivery / service trucks, vans, and personal cars for their busy lives.

GoTrack has helped thousands of folks like you aid their busy lives by acquiring driver’s status and maintenance needs on their vehicles to work smart.  Information such as real (minute by minute) drive time, Site and/or address, First and/or Next Movement, driven Miles and/or State Mileage, and sometimes proof of driver’s speed if / when questioned.

Reports can be printed on each vehicle (Time starts/stops & Miles are our most popular report).  Last 6 months driving history is viewable on the screen. See Customer Support for help setting up reports or questions about reports with a live person at GoTrack.

Don’t forget your camera needs at GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking – Wide Angle and In-Cab Cameras available to lower risk of theft and have liability proof with accident footage.  Call GoTrack for your GPS Tracking system needs (Vehicles, Assets, Cameras), ask for Todd.

Alert Notifications and Geo-fencing work hand in hand when you need to know when a driver has come or left a driving destination.  Draw a fence around the driving location of interest using GoTrack’s Vehicle Tracking System, then click notify upon entering/exiting and you are free to multi-task (similar to call waiting).  You will be notified via text or email when your driver is leaving or has arrived at a Geo-fenced driving location. It’s that simple.

Today, my active senior mom, who is usually on the go, isn’t moving – from home to her church.  Heavy snow is falling cancelling businesses, churches, activities this Sunday morning. Visiting mom, I’m sad to say, will wait – till the streets are safe to travel.  Soon the snow-plows, around Kansas City, will be moving. Some of our GoTrack snow-plowing customers have shared their Public feed with their customers so they can watch and see if & when their streets are being cleared.  Nice! Safe travels this week.

Tip: Use Polygonal Geo-fencing when circular fencing doesn’t fit.  Here are answers to a couple of questions asked of Technical Support on creating “Locations” .

Q: Can you guys change the perimeters for the miles…..?

A: The best way to get a custom size Saved Location is to choose the Polygonal and you can make the area any shape you would like to.  If you follow the instructions in the information box it will step you through it or you can call in and ask for Support and they will help you out as well.

Q: Does the system have the availability for me to plug in a particular address and be notified or be able to see one of our fleet vehicles is at this location…….?

A: You may be interested in our “Locations” feature. This function will allow the system to send alerts to any user when a vehicle enters or exits a saved location.  For past reporting, you can take a look at the Start/Stop report page and see the addresses a vehicle started at. As long as you know the physical address of a location, you can see how often and for how long a unit in your account was at a location.

Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Please call us for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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