EZ ALERT: Get Notified When Your Vehicle Moves

Need to know that your vehicle moved from being parked somewhere? With GoTrack’s easy to use EZ alert, you can get a notification when any of the vehicles you have a GPS tracker in move. This feature is perfect for long holiday weekends when your workers aren’t supposed to be using their vehicles and even for parents who want to keep track of their kids. To do this, all you have to do is a few simple steps.

How EZ Alert Works

First, go to www.login.gotrack.com and enter your email and password to login. Next, zoom in on the map to find the unit that you are wanting to set the alert for and click on the unit icon. When the white information box appears after selecting the specified unit, simply click on “EZ alert” and you’re ready to go! The next movement of that vehicle you will receive an email alert or a text message alert. This is a one time alert. If you would like to set it again at another stopped location you can simply click on the icon again and choose “EZ Alert”. It’s that simple.

Example 1: You live in a big city and you may have to park your vehicle a couple streets over from your apartment. Maybe there have been stolen vehicles around your area and you are concerned because you can’t see your vehicle. If you have a GoTrack GPS Tracker on that vehicle you can set the EZ Alert so you are notified if that vehicle has moved.

Example 2: You have a GoTrack GPS Tracker on your elderly parent’s vehicle so you and your family can help in case they are lost. They have gone to church and you just want to know the next time their vehicle moves. Set up the EZ Alert and now you know they are on the move.

Example 3: You have a Heating and Cooling business and your employees are busy working their dispatched service calls. Instead of calling to see when they are done with that service call you can set the EZ Alert and you will be notified when they are moving to their next call. The GoTrack GPS Vehicle Trackers make this an easy option.

Contact GoTrack to Get Started

Have questions about how EZ Alert works and want to know more about what GoTrack GPS units can do for you? Contact us today! Just give our office a call at 1-800-772-2885 or send us an email at sales@gotrack.com and one of our friendly associates will provide you with all the information you need!

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