Senior Drivers

Peace of mind and independent senior drivers go hand in hand with GoTrack Vehicle Tracking.

Using GoTrack for Peace of Mind

National Grandparent’s Day in September is dear to many fortunate families.  As my kids have only my husband’s mom and my mom left, “dear” just doesn’t fully describe the appreciation we have for them in our lives.  Both grandmas do not live in the same town as us and GoTrack keeps us in touch knowing if she drive today and that they arrived back home safely.  Seeing her reach bridge buddies, church, doctor’s office, store, and friend’s houses, assures me (& she knows this) that she’s okay.   After both granddads past, about 15 years ago, they are leading pretty independent active lives.

GoTrack Features

GoTrack lets me know where her car is, even when she’s not answering her phone.  I get a first movement alert most every day.  I keep an after-hours alert notification after dark to find she is close to home.  She is a GoTrack fan and I have showed her how to pull up the app on her phone when she is at the mall to remind her what store she parked out in front of.  The map even shows her where in the parking lot her car was left.  She has called me for directions one day when road construction detoured her off the highway and got turned around as to where the hospital was to visit a sick friend.  GoTrack saved the day.

Since mom doesn’t like to drive the highway, the speed alert is set to text me when she is (driving over 50 mph).  Some medical, dental appointments she still drives across town for.  It does seem fewer and fewer highway driving is taking place.  She does take the long way, the back roads now to my house.  It is a pretty drive in the country.  The kids watch her coming on my phone and announce where she is.  She is never too early or late for supper because the meal is prepared with GoTrack Vehicle Tracking – greeting at the curb (or door) to help carry in packages/cookies because grandma always has something she is bringing in for family.

Another GoTrack Senior Driver Example

A favorite GoTrack senior drivers story is of a grandfather whose car was stuck, off the road, in the snow on a very cold winter’s day.  His daughter called in to tell her story – grandpa was saved – calling the police after telling her father to stay in the warm car and wait for help coming.

To all grandparents and those families helped by GoTrack Vehicle Tracking we honor you in September for National Grandparent’s Day.  Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Please call us for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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