GoTrack for Your College Student

GoTrack for your College Student

With school letting out, it can be daunting to be the parent of a high school senior.  As your child graduates and gets excited about leaving for college, a lot of questions can be raised.  One of these being where your child will park their car if they live in a dorm.  Most colleges have very limited on-site parking, and the little on-site parking they do have is usually very expensive.  Because of this, many students have to park off campus.  It is natural for parents to be worried about their child’s car being stolen.  This can be especially concerning if your child won’t be driving it every day, making it unknown if their car is still where it’s supposed to be.

This is where GoTrack comes in.  We offer a number of GPS tracking unit options that can allow you to see where your child’s car is at all times. You can even customize alerts that you want sent to your phone (via text or email).  Just a few of these alerts include the heartbeat alert, radius alert, and speed alert, but the most helpful of the alerts we offer for our college student parents is the first movement alert.  Our EZ Alert allows you to get a notification when your child’s car moves.

Get GoTrack for your College Student!

If you have any questions about these alerts or want more information  about our products, go to our FAQ page or give us a call at 1-800-772-2885 and one of our team members will assist you.

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