GPS Tracking for the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful enough having to worry about what gifts to buy, what recipes to make, where to spend the holidays, but one thing you won’t have to worry about is where your loved ones and fleets are.

GPS Tracking and Peace of Mind for the Holidays

Some companies with fleets may have to worry about longer down time with the holiday this month. Rest assured if you fleet is out fitted with GPS Vehicle Tracking then you know where your vehicles are.

  • Do you park your Fleet vehicles at your shop? Worried about vehicle theft?
  • Answer: Movement Alerts with GoTrack GPS gives you peace of mind.
  • Do your employees take your Fleet vehicles to their homes?
  • Answer: After Hours Movement Alerts will let you know if you vehicles are driving around when they are not supposed too.

First Movement Alert Feature

With GoTrack GPS’ First Movement alert feature, you can get a notification, via text or email, when any of your vehicles move for the first time each day. This GPS tracking feature makes it easy for you to enjoy your days home from work knowing your fleet vehicles are right where you want them over the holidays. This makes it easy to make sure none of your vehicles are being stolen from your business’ parking lot. It also can help you keep track of who is using their company vehicles for personal activities, such as Christmas shopping, that they shouldn’t be.

But GoTrack GPS is NOT just for fleets.

  • Have an Elderly Parent or Loved one?
  • Answer: Multiple Logins you can share with family members so you will know where your loved one is when they travel over the Holidays.
  • Is your Teen Driver coming home from college?
  • Answer: Track Live in real time every 60 seconds as they drive home for the Holidays.

Speed Alert Feature

With the speed alert feature, you can also get a notification when your vehicle exceeds the maximum speed that you define, so you can help keep your driver safe and ticket free. This is perfect for teen drivers driving home from college for winter break and for elderly family members driving to visit for Christmas.

So sit back and relax with a warm cup of apple cider this Christmas because we have your vehicle tracking needs covered! Contact GoTrack to get started with GPS tracking today!

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