Holiday Driving Starts This Week

Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are coming up.

Holiday Driving with GoTrack

Do you use GPS Vehicle Tracking for holiday driving?  One thing is for sure, with a GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System, you will know where they had to slow down or maybe detoured – estimating arrival time.  Where your driver’s are is always reassuring!

There might be delays unknown depending on how heavy the holiday traffic is going to be or how much road construction is going on over the weekend.  More families on the road may be traveling back home the day or two following holidays, which is not a good time to be calling drivers if at all possible.

With GoTrack, you can use the drop-down Results box to isolate one vehicle or one fleet division on the map or click the specific vehicle below the map under Device Summary for the locator info box pointing out your driver with date, time, speed, and location.  The locator box also gives you options to click for zooming in, EZ alert (instant next movement alert), and viewing details (the day’s minute by minute – moving, or hour by hour – stopped. Right alongside is a map, which features a bread crumb trail of your vehicle’s day so far.

For easy, accessible one touch/click or reference calling, list driver’s phone number or add phone number to vehicle’s name whenever driver is assigned to a vehicle.  (Relaying Dock Receiving hour changes due to Holiday hours are important.)

Geo-fence Specific Locations

For listing your fueling solutions or must-see or suggested eateries in an area, you may want to geo-fence and name that location so when it is visited, you will see the fueling solutions name or place listed by name and not just the address that you may not recognize.  (Of course, always an option to discover names of sites stopped at is to zoom in and view by street level.) Geo-fences shown on the map has the option to be color coded as well to match types of stops.

To add a location for a specific vehicle or fleet that has been driven to, click on the location ADDRESS displayed at any time.  You will instantly be taken to the locations tab to edit and save any changes to a previously named location or to create a new location.   This is a preferred way to create a location if a driver has a reported ADDRESS to start with.

To add a new location not yet traveled to, click the locations tab in the top right-hand-corner and then click ‘add new location’. If you know the physical address of the location, enter it in the field where it says ‘street address OR latitude, longitude’ and the system will automatically zoom to that area. Alternatively, you can manually zoom in on the location and click once to create a geofence. Use the radius tool to change the size of the area you want to alert if the vehicle enters or exits.

Polygonal Option

If the area is not covered well by a circle, you can use the polygonal option.

Instead of clicking to fill in your location address, choose Polygonal first; then click to add a point on the map. You will create your own shape to fit the area, finishing the shape by clicking the starting point.

Before clicking ‘add’, make sure you mark the box that says ‘Send notification when you enter/exit this location?’ to have the system alert you when the vehicle enters or exits, if you wish.

Please call into Support if you need any assistance setting these features up.  Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m. Please contact us for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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