Does your property insurance tell you WHERE your trailer, bulldozer, farm or heavy equipment, etc. is ( location) on your property, maybe outside, or even while moving, where it is? Of course not! — Try GoTrack’s TTU-720 battery powered Asset Tracker and find out!

Expensive equipment owners are looking for easy, affordable Asset tracking for their security and convenience with access to information of first movement, location, speed, and entering or exiting a saved location from their cell phone and laptop computers for oversight from their office and for themselves – at all times.  They can use after “Working Hours” alert notifications in “Settings” — to alert you with text message or email notification when you need to know your equipment is being used outside of working hours.

My husband’s trucking company thought to track their refrigerated (“reefer”) trailers but last week lost a (plain) trailer and offered an employee incentive ($) to find it. Costly! It was last seen sitting at a lot/yard/terminal.  How about your parked trailers, lawn mowers, heavy duty air compressors, generators? The GoTrack TTU-720 battery powered Asset Tracker is used for this and other valuable pieces of equipment small and large and is affordable! It is self-contained and water proof with up to 3 years battery life.

How about your personal RV, off-road vehicle and gooseneck trailers, jet skis or motorcycles that could go missing.  We use GoTrack for our Asset Tracking with reliable AT&T nationwide data network coverage. Check out our GoTrack Customer Reviews using our TTU-720 battery powered Asset Tracker for their Polaris Ranger UTV, Deck Boat, 5th Wheel Camper, enclosed Race Trailer, horse trailer and tractor. Primary reason listed for the purchase of the GoTrack Asset in these reviews is if they were stolen.

Even better than buying for the risk of being stolen, is time management and efficiency for business owners of heavy equipment/trailers/containers on many lots/yards/terminals throughout the United States.  To own an Asset Tracker from GoTrack is the smart choice and, many times, stress-free choice to know location, location, location – of Assets anywhere in the country or your city.

How about TLC – when your equipment is tracked, employees are more likely to take better care of and less likely to waste your time joy riding or idling where they shouldn’t knowing a paper trail is possible.  How about for your expensive Truck or Trailer Caddy, powered trailer Dolly/trailer moving Dolly/electric trailer Dolly/ Trailer Caddy chain drive-power Mover  (for boats, equipment or utility trailers, campers)/ terminal Tractor-Semi Trailer Dolly.  Think about Asset Tracking with GoTrack using the TTU-720 battery powered Asset Tracker.

The GoTrack Asset tracker reports twice a day (every 12 hours) by location if not moving.  Once movement starts, it reports location every 15 minutes. Once a GoTrack Asset Tracker is purchased (call in for your special pricing of $279), your only cost is your data once a year – $120.  Shipping is included – UPS Ground. How is that for service? Check out the article: Asset Tracking With The GoTrack App for more information on Asset Trackers.  Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Please call us for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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