Encourage Better Teen Driving With Your GPS Car Tracker

As a parent, you want to teach your teens to be safe drivers. Driving is a skill, so it requires a great deal of practice. Safe driving, though, is really more a collection of good habits to go with their developing skills. Habits are created through repetition and reinforcement. You obviously can not be with your child every time they get behind the wheel, but a GPS car tracker can help you to reinforce good habits even when you are not there.

Discuss The Advantages Of The GPS Car Tracker

It is important your teen understands the GPS car tracker is an important safety tool and not just a way to “spy on them.” Be sure to discuss the many advantages of the GPS system so they view it in a more positive light. Point out the system will keep them safe in addition to allowing you to teach them to be a good driver. Make them understand the tracker might help to recover the car if it is ever stolen. Also, make sure to point out any insurance discounts you receive thanks to the GPS unit.

Encourage Safe Teen Driving With A GPS Car Tracker

Rewarding Good Habits And Behavior

After your teen driver has accepted the GPS car tracker, be sure to use it in a positive way. Obviously, if the data shows they were driving at unsafe speeds or out when they should have been at school, there should be repercussions. However, do not use the tracker exclusively to monitor bad behaviors. Instead, make an effort to reward their good decisions. You may, for example, point out when the tracker shows they arrived at school every day on time for a month. It could also show all the times they are home before their curfew. Be sure to comment on all the times they are driving within the speed limit and not just instances of speeding.

Remember, you are trying to create safe habits and encourage good decisions. Concentrate on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative!

Review Your GPS Car Tracker Data Too

One of the most powerful ways you can teach your teen to be a good driver is to set a good example. If you are not a safe driver with good habits, how can you teach someone to make good decisions? You must demonstrate all of the good traits you want them to develop. Education professionals refer to this as “modeling.” Simply put, this means you need put away your cell phone, use your blinker, make complete stops, remain calm while driving and do everything else you expect your teen to do!

Setting a good example means it is only fair to share your GPS car tracker data with your teen. This may reveal a few shortcomings in your driving, but that is a great learning opportunity (for you and your teen). Letting them point out when you have been speeding does not give them an excuse to speed. It can prove you are only interested in the entire family being safe. It may be embarrassing at times, but isn’t it worth it if it makes your teen a safer driver?

More Resources To Help You

Even though your GPS car tracker can be a great tool to help teach safe driving, it should only be part of your total effort. There are many resources available to help parents encourage safe driving. Check out this guide from the State Farm insurance company and the AAA site for teen driving safety. There are even government programs to help parents encourage safe teen driving (from governmental organizations such as the CDC and the NHTSA). Be sure to contact your car insurance provider to see if they have programs or resources available, too. Finally, talk to other parents you know about how they approach teaching their teens safe driving habits.



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