Choosing The Right Vehicle GPS Tracker

Once you decide that your business can benefit from incorporating a vehicle GPS tracker system, you still have the daunting task of selecting the right solution for your needs.  Obviously, cost is a factor but there are more considerations that need to be addressed including vehicle installation concerns and data management once you begin tracking your fleet.

GoTrack™ Vehicle GPS Tracker Installation

Many American businesses operate fleets without actually having a staff dedicated to vehicle maintenance.  While this can be a very cost effective and practical approach on a day to day basis it means that adding a vehicle GPS tracker to every work truck or company car could also add a great deal to the real cost of the system selected.  GoTrack™ offers three different models for fleet owners that eliminate high installation costs without sacrificing features.  Most gasoline powered vehicles can utilize the GoTrack™ EZ which simply plugs into the OBD port under the dashboard, the same easily accessed port used to read engine data to explain engine warning lights.  It often takes longer to remove the unit from its packaging than it does to install it because it literally just plugs into place. Diesel vehicles have a different style of OBD port but they can be fitted with the GoTrack™ 3-Wire, which literally connects with just three simple wires to the battery, ignition and ground.  For some fleet owners the GoTrack™ TTU-720, an enclosed unit with its own internal battery, is the best solution because it is a complete vehicle GPS tracker that simply bolts in place.  The TTU-720 is not restricted to fleet use; it could easily be placed on a trailer, equipment box or even something like a mower.  When it is time to replace your fleet, any of the GoTrack™ models can be simply disconnected and placed in a new vehicle.

Managing Vehicle GPS Tracker Systems

Once your fleet is outfitted with its new system, management can create a whole new problem and another hidden cost.  What sort of infrastructure is required to actually communicate with your units and who maintains it? Will you need proprietary software or special servers?  Do you have the IT professionals on your payroll to provide the support necessary? A GoTrack™ vehicle GPS tracker system eliminates these concerns.  Once units are installed and activated, they can easily be tracked by logging into the GoTrack™ website on any computer or by using the free GoTrack™ app for Android or iPhone.  Yes, there is an app for that so you can manage your fleet from the phone you already own.

The GoTrack™ vehicle GPS tracker app is incredibly user friendly allowing an owner to quickly receive real-time data from every unit.  Easily track your vehicles on a simple satellite map just like the one you already use for directions.  Customize your reports to receive data on vehicle speed, location, time spent idling and more. Within minutes you can even set the software to email or text you whenever part of your fleet exceeds a certain speed, leaves or enters your parking lot or moves outside of business hours!  You can save reports or even print them. No special equipment is necessary and no IT professional is required to collect and interpret the data you receive when you choose GoTrack™ to manage your company’s fleet.

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