Are GPS Car Trackers Legal?

plug and play GPS car tracker

In the United States, GPS car trackers are legal to install in a vehicle you own. So if you own a car (or your business owns a vehicle), you can track it. However, some states have additional laws about tracking. For example California requires employers tell employees if they are being tracked. GoTrack always recommends our customers tell anyone driving their vehicles they have installed GPS car trackers. It really is in the best interest of employees to be tracked. It increases security andĀ  leads to more efficient fleet management. Those same benefits, added safety and security, apply to family cars as well. We think our customers should explain these benefits to drivers.

Sometimes we are asked how to covertly track spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends (usually because of suspected cheating). That really is not what GoTrack GPS car trackers are designed to do and honestly, we really aren’t interested in that kind of business. GoTrack vehicle trackers are for helping businesses and families keep their drivers and vehicles safe, secure and running efficiently.

Which GPS Car Trackers Are Right For You?

We suggest that business owners and families check out our GoTrackEZ, which simply plugs into most vehicles. It really is the easiest way to install a GPS car tracker. You will be tracking within fifteen minutes of getting your unit. We also have hardwired units and self contained battery operated asset trackers (perfect for trailers, generators and other job site equipment). All of the GoTrack products are monitored through the Internet, so anything you already have that surfs the web can access your tracking information. Your smartphone, laptop, favorite tablet… you can even use your smart TV to track your vehicles! It also means you will not have to be in the office to know where your vehicles are because you will be able to check their status from home, your favorite coffee shop or any where else you have Internet access.

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