GPS Tracking Devices for Pre-Dementia / Pre-Alzheimer Patients

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 in 10 people with dementia will wander. This can be dangerous for the person with dementia and cause significant stress for his or her caregivers, even though 94% of people who wander are found within a mile and a half of where they disappeared. Wandering and getting lost can occur at any stage of dementia, so being on the lookout for the warning signs is vital for the person’s safety especially if they are still driving a vehicle.  If you notice your loved one is gone for extended periods of time, it could be time to make a plan so you’re prepared in the event of an emergency situation?

Has this ever happened?

You or your siblings live in a separate state from your loved ones but you worry about where they go when they are driving their vehicle.

You know your loved one has a doctor’s appointment at a certain time but they have not checked back in with you for hours.

Your loved ones leave the house and our lost in bad weather.

Your loved ones leave for a vacation in their vehicle but they do not turn their cellular phones on.

You feel it is time to take the keys from our loved ones but they feel it is not time yet.

Running errands around town like going to the grocery store, church and visiting friends turns in to becoming disoriented or lost.

GoTrack GPS is the Best GPS Tracking Device for your Elderly driver.

Because wandering can be so dangerous and even life-threatening, GPS tracking devices for dementia patients are a great option to provide peace of mind for the sufferer and caregiver alike. These tracking devices have become an increasingly good way to reduce wandering overall and keep elderly loved ones safe while driving around.

  • Set up custom Alerts if your loved one leaves a saved location.
  • 1st movement Alert each day.
  • Smartphone Mobile application to monitor your loved one’s vehicle
  • After hours Alert for movement after a specified time

Since the GoTrack GPS tracking system is a web-based live application you can have an unlimited number of users for your spouses, siblings or caregivers that would like to help monitor your loved ones activities.

Today, there are some amazing GPS tracking devices for the elderly on the market.  The GoTrack GPS vehicle tracking device is simple to install and provides Live, Real-Time tracking of your loved ones.  Get peace of mind and keep your loved one safe with GoTrack GPS tracking devices for dementia patients. These products are a must-have that can potentially save a life.

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