A GPS Unit for Elderly Parents Who Travel

My mother and father are in their seventies so when they told me and my two brothers that they were taking off on a cross-country trip, and driving, as you might imagine I was a little worried. They were going to be visiting relatives for over 3 months. I know they aren’t very tech-savvy so I was very concerned because their journey started from Missouri to Florida, Florida to New Hampshire, New Hampshire to Pennsylvania and then back home to Missouri. Needless to say, we thought for sure they would get lost at least a couple of times. After hours of stressing out about what to do, I found the perfect GPS unit for my elderly parents from GoTrack.

GoTrack’s GPS Unit for Elderly Parents

With GoTrack’s OBD GPS unit, my two brothers and I knew exactly where our elderly parents were at all times. We all had our own login and since the website is mobile-friendly, we could all check in on them even if we were on the go. Not only did this give us the ability to track their vehicle live in real-time, but even more importantly, it gave us all peace of mind. They are back safe and sound and guess what it is not coming off the car.

Thanks GoTrack!

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