Instant Email Alerts!

EZ Alert … have you used this convenient and popular instant next movement alert found at GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking?

GoTrack Vehicle Tracking System has an EZ Alert which is a one-time alert to notify next movement of your driver (employee, nanny, senior, teen, family) driving your cars, trucks, or vans.

“Let me know when he is on his way” request – knowing when a driver is leaving a destination (such as work/home, Work Site/Truck Yard/Supply Store, school/game/practice), can rest assured that they have not been forgotten, to an interested party.  This information is appreciated and helpful to all concerned.

“Heading that way!” – This is helpful for next clients “in line” waiting, for sit down dinners, or deliveries/pick-ups…you can name it.  When you need to know when your vehicles have left – with your drivers’ ETA in the balance – if your vehicle is tracked, no need to watch your phone with EZ Alert.  When life has it’s unknown, “longer than expected”, happenings going on – departure time is on its way with next movement notice – EZ Alert – with a GoTrack Vehicle Tracking System. This is convenient as long as you are in earshot of your phone or computer, when it makes the sound of an arriving text or email from GoTrack to re-assure you or to relay to someone else.

When I wondered last week if my mom (in her 80s) would drive herself to Wednesday night choir practice now since the wintery roads were better, I clicked EZ Alert and that evening was texted…. “subject EZ-Alert Instant next movement notification: Dear (Bonnie) Phone, EZ-Alert Instant next movement notification for device (B’s Mom) on (Wed), (Mar 6 2019) (16:54:01) CST. (End).  I found out – mom was singing!

The above is one of my favorite alerts but there are many others you can utilize whether you are a small or big company or a small or large family or one individual looking out for his property whether to increase recovery chances if stolen or to know the care of your vehicle or driver’s status when you need to know.

An excerpt from Technical Support shows possible other alerts you can request …

Live Reports will come to you as they happen and are:

First Movement (first movement of each day)

Power Change (removal of device or loss of power in the vehicle)


Locations (entering or exiting geo-fences) Scheduled Reports will be sent out at the end of each time period or drive distance and can apply to an entire fleet or a specific device, depending on how you have them set up. They can be found under Reports > Scheduled Reports:

Start/Stops (drive time and distance for each trip taken)

Speeding (all times and frequency vehicle was over the set speed limit)

Idle time (time and frequency vehicle was idling)

Maintenance (any time a vehicle is due past a certain mileage or time for a maintenance task)

State Mileage (mileage by state for long distance driving)

Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Please call us for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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