New Teenage Drivers

Need an easy and efficient way to keep track of your new teenage drivers? GoTrack is here to help. We offer countless features and an easy to use website to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth out of our services.  Just a couple of these features include the radius feature, first movement feature and the max speed alert.

The radius feature sends you a notification when your unit enters a set radius of your choosing and you can now set an unlimited number of radiuses. The radius feature is fantastic for knowing when your teenage drivers arrive to school, to your home, or even to their friend’s home.

The first movement alert feature allows you to get a notification when your vehicle moves for the first time each day. This feature is great because you now know your teen has started driving for the day. One of the most used alerts is our max speed alert. Example: you need to know if you teenager is driving 70 mph or faster. You simply set 70 mph as your max speed and if the vehicle goes 70 mph or faster you will get an email or text message alert.

And since many families are constantly on the go, it might give you peace of mind to know that our website is mobile-friendly! Simply go to our website in any browser on your mobile device, log in, and you’re ready to go!  Contact us today with any questions.

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