Teen driving accidents statistics reveal need for GPS tracking

GPS Tracking- A Need

If you’re a parent of a teen driver, the statistics will alarm you. Half of all teens will be involved in a car accident before graduating from high school. Teens have the highest crash rate of any age group in the United States. The greatest lifetime chance of crashing occurs in the first six months of having a driver’s license. As a concerned parent, you can invest in things like driver’s education and keep a watchful eye when in the car with them. But what happens when they ask for the keys and drive away on their own? That’s when GPS tracking becomes a parent’s best friend.

GPS tracking for teen drivers

With GPS tracking for teen drivers, the GPS tracker is installed on the vehicle the teen drives. You then receive instant alerts regarding speeding, location, after hours movement or updates on entering or leaving a geographically marked area like school, work or a friend’s house. At any time, you can pull up a Google Maps display to reveal route, speed and vehicle’s location—all updated every minute.

By all means, let your teen know the device is installed on the car. This can empower them to make smarter decisions regarding risky behavior. They can explain to friends that their car has a tracker. If anyone tries to remove the GPS tracker, it automatically notifies you.

Avoiding distractions

Distraction is the reason many teens are involved in accidents. Distraction was a key factor in 58 percent of crashes involving drivers ages 16 to 19, according to an analysis of video footage from 1,691 moderate-to-severe crashes six seconds before they occurred. That distraction can be the teen’s smartphone, friends in the car, the radio, or something outside that catches their attention like the high school girls waving “Free Car Wash” signs.

One great thing about a GPS tracker is the fact that it doesn’t distract. It operates in the background without any attention required. Also, instead of texting your son or daughter, “Where r u?”, and feeling bad that they might be driving, you can check Google Maps to find out exactly where their car is at that moment.

In case of accident

Recall that stat about half of all teens will be involved in a car accident before they graduate from high school? That means whether your son or daughter is the driver or a passenger, they have a 50% chance of being in the car when the accident occurs.

The most common car accidents are minor “fender benders”. The car has slight damage, but nobody gets hurts. Still, it can be emotionally upsetting to your teen. You may receive a frantic phone call that may also upset you. Meanwhile, the most important thing after “Are you okay?” is “Where are you?” It’s in those times you’ll be glad that you have a GPS tracker on the car that reveals the exact location.

Buying a GPS tracker for teen drivers is a click away. GoTrack’s GoTrackEZ GPS Tracker for Teens comes with free USPS Priority Mail shipping, plug-in simplicity, and no long-term contracts.

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