Teenage Driver Tracking May Be The Key To Safety

The website WalletHub recently looked at the environment for the teenage driver tracking several factors. From the cost of speeding tickets and adding teens to insurance policies to teen drinking and driving and accident fatalities, they collated data to determine the safest states. Although some factors are out of parents’ control, many are. The GoTrackEZ GPS unit is the perfect tool to help parents teach their teens to be safe drivers.

The Teenage Driver Tracking And Money

Many of the factors in the WalletHub report were financial. There are several ways that the GoTrackEZ helps parents control the costs of driving. First of all, the unit itself is affordable. It simply plugs into the OBD port of a car (found in every vehicle since 1996) eliminating installation expenses. The unit then sends data to your computer or the free GoTrack smartphone app.

The GoTrackEZ reports location data in realtime, meaning a stolen vehicle can be quickly located. Insurance companies may give you a discount for having an anti-theft device so check with your agent. Of course, the location data also means you always know where your teen is driving! It also tells you exactly when the vehicle is being driven. Curfew laws affect the teenage driver tracking their vehicle usage lets you know they are not risking expensive tickets. Of course, the GoTrackEZ provides more than just location data and this may also qualify you for insurance discounts.

The Teenage Driver Tracking And Safety

Safety is a top concern for your teenage driver. Tracking their vehicle with GoTrack allows you to not only see where they are but how fast they are driving. Every minute the car is moving speed and location data is updated on the smartphone app. Your do not have to constantly watch the app, though. You can opt to receive email or text alerts whenever the vehicles moves a certain speed. Set it to the local highway limit to know your teen isn’t speeding. If you want them to stay off the highways, set the alert limit even lower!

Users can also easily set locations, such as school or work, into the GoTrack app. You can then get custom alerts when these locations are visited by your teenage driver, tracking their prompt arrivals at school and work. Parents can also set driving times on vehicle operation and get alerts if the car moves outside of the allowed hours.

The GoTrackEZ is not just a way to spy on a teenage driver. Tracking them is actually a great tool for teaching safe driving habits. Their good decisions can be rewarded and their poor ones can be discussed. This means they won’t have to learn the hard way with an accident. Consequently, they also will not have to pay the high costs associated with having accidents on their record. Safe drivers save money!

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