TIME…..is one important feature of a GPS Vehicle Tracking System!

You can estimate arrival time knowing where someone is within a minute, without calling them asking where are you.  (Consider that for your vehicle drivers whether they are your senior parent, your teenager, or your fleet cars, trucks, or vans.)

You need important information or need to relay important information with your employee, teenager, senior parent who has left with your vehicle which is monitored with a GPS Vehicle Tracking System like GoTrack  — instantly you know if they are driving and where they are when they will be picking up the phone to talk (maybe they’re on lunch break, school function, bridge tournament, or supply store). Important information can’t wait sometimes whether it is coming or going – sometimes to have this discernment to know where they are (driving or not driving and location), lets you make better choices.

Seeing a driver’s location instantly can make convenient unplanned next stops or detours drop into place, saving time, using a GPS Vehicle Tracking System like GoTrack for all types of businesses and families, large or small.

Personally, for families with teenagers or seniors, knowing real time ETAs allowed me more efficient and more together-time home life, making quick decisions on whether I had time to pick up store items before starting dinner or know dinner’s delayed or even figure when to start dinner.  When my senior mom would drive through 3 towns (driving back roads) to come for dinner, my adult kids would help prepare food, set the table, and let me know – “how close is Grandma now? – while watching my phone.  I’ll never forget a Sunday brunch serving Eggs Benedict, later than planned. We knew we did not have to start to cook the eggs till grandma was close. We saw when she left the flower farm in Raytown. She apologized coming in the door late with flowers finding we had not sat down yet and the food was hot because of GoTrack!  (She wasn’t called driving and grandma was told – right on time to eat!)

Send notification when you enter/exit this location?*

This GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking feature is available  – via text or email – by clicking the box next to this question* under any Geo-fence under locations.  No more waiting for a call or text from your driver, I have left or I have arrived. You know! Your GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System will notify you of this important time.

Nic, from Technical Support, suggests helpful additional passive alerts to use – such as “First Movement Alert” (first new registered coordinate per 24 hours), “Working Hours” alert (alert sent once movement registers outside set hours), and the EZ Alert which is a one-time alert to notify next movement.

Thank you for your time.  Winter has delayed a lot of important plans.  Be careful driving out there. Give extra time for weather forecasts, traffic, and construction.  Technology is wonderful. A GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System helps run your business or family more smoothly and more informed, saving time, saving money, and more.  Call GoTrack for your GPS Vehicle Tracking.  We have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Call for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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