Summer brings vacation…and road trips…and GPS Vehicle Tracking!

Planning a road trip or vacation driving across the USA?  Family left behind wanting to have you stop and check in? Are you wanting your elderly folks to stop on their road trip and check in with you?  Not to worry! It’s easy using a GPS Vehicle Tracking system like GoTrack.

Leaving your vehicle at home, airport, bus or train station while vacationing? You can have your cell phone texted or emailed if your car is moved to report stolen!  You would have a heads up to check the gas level when back, if you left your car keys with others to use your car. They replaced the gas?…Nice!

What about a look a like vehicle in a police search! A purple jeep was searched for years ago in the same area and at the same time where my military veteran brother was driving and he was pulled over.  Thankfully, after seeing his records, Medal in the glove box, and talking with him was assured they had the wrong person. A detailed (“bread crumb”) trail of his previous driving that day can be viewed instantly on the phone with GPS Vehicle Tracking!

Speeding has been disputed in court using GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking since the detailed records include speed and is highly recommended for parents of teen drivers!  There is no dispute what speed was being traveled when all you have to do is look it up showing minute by minute speed, with time and location. No back seat drivers needed to ask the question how fast are you going?  Set your alert to text or email your phone number if the driving speed exceeds the speed limit and you will know.

Seeing the kids every summer traveling back and to college was so nice to see with GoTrack.  If other friends of your young college kids are joining you or your kids long road trip travels, share the GPS vehicle viewing by adding a new “View Only” user for the limited travel day(s) with their family.  The more peace of mind viewed leaves fewer calls to the driver behind the wheel. (At least the question where are you now is answered!)

I always loved calling my College kids (after they stopped driving)…yes to check on them & then see them back on the road after lunch/dinner on their long trip back to college or coming back home.  Thanks GoTrack! Enjoy your vacation travels this summer with your families!

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