What Are A Few Functions of a GPS Tracking System?

Maintaining company vehicles can be quite challenging. You have to keep track of these vehicles at all times, whether it involves their actual location or issues with maintenance. Using a GPS tracking system can help you care for the vehicles with great efficiency. You can use the system to reduce operating costs, monitor the number of refills, and make your business more productive.

Lower Operating Costs

A big part of lowering the operating costs is to use the GoTrack GPS to find the most efficient route to reach the destination. Also, the GoTrack GPS tracking system can alert you if the vehicle speeds or idles for a while. Speeding increases fuel costs and can increase the risk of accidents and the cost of insurance. If you rent a fleet of heavy equipment vehicles, you can know where every single one is at all times. The system can also alert you when the truck idles for an excessive amount of time. Idling also wastes fuel.

Use Maintenance Alerts

The GoTrack GPS tracking system offers maintenance alerts. The GoTrack system can alert you via email when the vehicle needs maintenance.  The alerts help you to have a more effective way of handling potential issues.

Monitor Employees

On occasion, employees might try to profit at your expense. One way of doing this is to siphon the fuel, then get money from the company for refilling. To prevent this, you can use the GoTrack GPS tracking system to identify mileage and where the vehicle is. You can also make sure the employees don’t use the vehicles for personal use. The GoTrack system will allow you to generate alerts if the vehicle makes stops at specific saved locations. Unauthorized use of the trucks can cost your business money.

Use Geofencing

Geofencing lets you create saved locations on a map. That way you know the exact moment a vehicle enters or exits those saved locations. You can use this information to determine the start and end of the driver’s workday. This function allows you to manage the job site better and get an accurate account of the worker’s performance.  To help you manage your fleet of company vehicles, consider using the GoTrack GPS tracking system. This system can provide you with several benefits and help you make your business more productive. If you need more information about the GoTrack GPS tracking system, visit www.gotrack.com.

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