Where the *$%# are my Trucks?

Have you ever asked this question as a company owner?  If you have then there is an option you can use to answer this daily question, GPS Vehicle Tracking.

Businesses that operate with a mobile workforce that are dispatched to customer’s locations are in constant need of the real time locations of their vehicles.  With the popularity and low cost of GPS Vehicle Tracking it is almost a must to have this on your fleet. Just imagine if you could get 2 more service calls per day because you always know where your vehicles are within a minute.  No business owner wants to admit they may have an issue with Time Theft. The key to successfully preventing time theft is finding a way to discourage off-task behaviors without punishing or restricting employees.

Today there are several different types of GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions to meet the needs of your fleets.

  • Simple plug and play GPS devices.  These are usually OBDII devices that simply plug into the vehicle’s OBD port on all passenger and light duty vehicles 1996 and newer.
  • Hard wired GPS devices.  These are great for heavy-duty vehicles like 18 wheelers, dump trucks and older vehicles before 1996.
  • Battery powered devices.  These are used on assets that do not have a constant power source like trailers, UTV’s and heavy equipment.

The GoTrack GPS tracking solution is the most cost effective GPS vehicle tracking solution in the marketplace today.  Whether you need a simple plugin unit, a hard- wired unit or a battery powered unit; GoTrack has the GPS tracker for you.  With a monthly plan or big discounts paying for 1 year or 2 years there is a plan to fit your business needs.

Key Benefits with the GoTrack GPS System

  • Track real time every 60 seconds  24/7/365
  • Works on any PC, Mac or Smart Phone with Internet access
  • Customizable Email Alerts: Speeds, Idling, After Hours Movement
  • Customizable Reports: Start/Stop (time card), Detailed Activity (bread crumb trail), Saved Locations (geo-fences), Stops, Speed, Idle, Inputs
  • Maintenance Intervals: Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Insurance Renewal
  • Unlimited Number of Vehicles, Users and Geo-Fences

Businesses that have dealt with time theft in the past know the problems it can create daily.  The productivity and payroll losses alone can put a strong business in jeopardy. A company wide adoption of the GoTrack GPS Solution to enable timecard verification can be as painless as it is successful.  Every employee that is invested in the financial health of the company stands to benefit from the improved accuracy and efficiency in timekeeping practices.

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