When a company decides to add GPS tracking units to its fleet it may receive some backlash from employees. Although reaction will vary from worker to worker, GPS tracking may be seen any some as a “Big Brother” style attempt to constantly monitor all employees. A smart manger, however, will know how to control the situation and show that vehicle tracking benefits the company and its workers.

Worker GPS Tracking And Big Brother


Vehicle GPS tracking offers many benefits, even for safe and productive employees. The ability to see where every work truck is in real time can be a great advantage. Some companies may use this knowledge to improve dispatching. For others the ability to track the travels of their fleet may lead to new, more efficient routes. Real time location reporting also allows a company to assist drivers. Trucks encountering traffic issues or are trying to access a tricky locations may be able to get outside guidance. If your company’s vehicles typically carry a single worker, GPS tracking means that they can be easily located in case of an emergency. Of course, if a vehicle is stolen the GPS unit can aid in its recovery!

Because of the detailed information reported by GoTrack units, they can also be used to provide proof of service to absentee clients. A lawn care company can confidently tell a landlord how often and how long work crews visit a property. Delivery times can be independently confirmed. Management can even identify customers who require more attention, and time, than initially thought and bill accordingly! Some may argue that this is great for the company but not the worker. GPS tracking is a tool that helps the company become more efficient and successful, which is good for everyone.


The simple truth is GPS tracker units can be used to monitor workers. If this is their main use in a company perhaps it is best to be honest with employees. Just as the tracking reports can be used to determine billable hours, they can be used to see how often a vehicle is working. It can also show that a truck seems to be simply idling or visiting fast food locations. If this is the intended use for the technology, it may be best to be honest with the average worker. GPS tracking can be used to confirm workers in the right place at the right time.

Still, tracking workers is not necessarily micro-management or a vindictive action. It is important to communicate this to workers. Reports will prove that good workers are doing their jobs as expected. It may show that certain workers are not operating as expected. This means the good workers will no longer have to “pick up the slack.” It also does not have to mean that under-performing workers are punished. Instead, they can get the extra training and guidance they need to improve. Whether they are at the company headquarters or working off site, a business is still responsible for every worker. GPS tracking is just another tool to help maintain strong communication between workers and management. It is merely a tool to give management critical information to improve logistics and processes. That should make things easier for both managers and workers.

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