Need to Add to Your GPS Vehicle Tracking this Season?

Autumn begins! To our Summer-seasonal companies, we hope you ended outstandingly in sales this summer and we welcome back, returning this Autumn, our Fall-seasonal companies as they begin…welcome back!  Now lets talk about adding GPS Vehicle Tracking for autumn.

Expand Your Vehicle Tracking

Need to expand your fleet and add GPS Vehicle Tracking this season?  Give Todd a call in our Sales Department for a couple of optional monthly GPS Vehicle Tracking pricing offers.

At GoTrack, the longer the data plan, the more you save At GoTrack, the longer the data plan, the more you save – we appreciate your business and offer monthly, annual and bi-annual pricing.

You may have seen us or our GoTrack service van at the golf courses this summer and, as in the past, seen us or our sponsorship of KC motorcycling races.  I am looking forward to more outdoor fun in milder temperatures here in the Midwest this Autumn.

Vehicle Maintenance

Don’t forget your vehicle “Maintenance” reminders from GoTrack.  Regular vehicle maintenance routines will hopefully ward off breakdowns on the road.  Review any past due vehicle maintenance tasks or upcoming needed maintenance on your vehicles, set by mileage or date.  For optimum performance of your vehicles, GoTrack alerts vehicle maintenance tasks due. (You can find this information on the top banner of your app screen under Maintenance tab for scheduling or review.)

No one likes vehicle break downs on the road, especially when it’s yours.  With a GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System, you can use the dispatch address to drop a “checkered flag” on the map of the destination your broken down vehicle was intending to reach and see in comparison with your other fleet vehicles which one is closest to the checkered flag to fill in.  Filter your viewing map by fleet division first, to narrow your pick among a specific group/fleet such as service or install vehicles.

Location Testimonials

Turning problems into productivity isn’t easy, but having the right answers is what matters (i.e. location helps.) Here are a few location testimonies from our customers:

“You can’t predict when bad things are going to happen. I’d highly recommend GoTrack for anyone with an elderly parent.” —Mary

“The police were impressed with the accuracy and information that I was able to give them.”

“I want to personally thank you guys for this piece of mind and comfort of being able to track our son’s whereabouts the last 6/7 years….. Your company’s services have been invaluable over this time period.  I recommend you guys to all my friends with young drivers.” — South Carolina customer.

“You have a great product.  I love GoTrack.  I refer you to all my friends.  I tell them, I prayed for clarity and they have an app for that!”—Caller

“Check this out – Great hiding spot for that Asset tracker in my motorcycle seat.” —Ed

“Thanks.  Great company and great service.  Old fashioned service where you speak to a human being.   Love it.  That is being lost today.  I believe when I have a problem I usually speak with Nick.  He is quick response and always solves the issue.”—Jeff from Florida

Customer Support

Here at GoTrack we have customer support. Speak with a live support team person Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m. Please contact us for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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