Simple Guide To GoTrack’s Powerful Vehicle GPS Tracking App

Whether you are monitoring the family car or managing a multi-state fleet, your trackers are only as good as your vehicle GPS tracking app. After all, this is the software that allows you to communicate with the devices in your vehicles. It collects and presents the information. Ultimately the software is what makes trackers useful or useless.

Why A Vehicle GPS Tracking App?

GoTrack could have presented the data from our trackers in several ways. It was important to us that our solution was easy for users. We did not just want it to be easy to operate, we wanted it to be easy to implement. We chose to produce a vehicle GPS tracking app for both Apple and Android smartphones. This meant that whether you are a small business operator with 25 work trucks or a mom keeping an eye on a single teenage driver, no extra monitoring equipment is necessary. You can easily use GoTrack equipment with the phone you already own. Better yet, it does not take specialized IT support to set up the software. You simply download our GoTrackEZ app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and log in. To make it even more convenient, we also created access to the app from our website so you can track from your laptop or PC. GoTrack uses the phones, tablets and computers you already know how to use instead forcing you to learn a new device. The app shares the name GoTrackEZ with our most popular tracker unit but it works with all of the trackers we offer.

GoTrackEZ Vehicle GPS Tracking App Features

Vehicle GPS Tracking App

Just because you can monitor GoTrack’s trackers from your phone does not mean you give up features. When you open the app it shows you the position of the related trackers on a map. Choose a standard map or a hybrid overlaying map data on a satellite photograph. Click on Map Report and you can see where each track has been that day. Select another date to pull up that day’s information. You can also choose to see the GPS tracking information in table form. This clearly lays out each reported event for the day (or any day you select) for easy review.

From your computer you can do even more. Custom reports can be created and printed. A large fleet of work vehicles can be divided into sub-fleets for easier monitoring. Add users to give other people access to the tracker information. Specific locations can be marked and work hours can even be set. You can set your GoTrackEZ app to send text and email alerts. That way you know when something important happens even if you are not watching the app. Do you want a notification whenever one of your trackers is moving faster than 65 MPH? Would you like an alert whenever your work trucks enter or leave the company parking lot? You can set that up yourself in seconds.

Download the free GoTrackEZ app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to get the most out of your tracking units.

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