Car Tracking Apps: How Do They Work?

In How Does GPS Car Tracking Work? we learned about the GPS system of satellites and how a tracker device receives data from it. In this short article we will see what car tracking apps can do with data from GPS and other sources. What other sources of data? Mapping technology, for one, but also the cars and users themselves.

Car Tracking Apps Organize Data

Car tracking apps get information from several sources. First, it receives positional data from the GPS satellite network through the tracker device. By comparing changes in this data the tracker can calculate its own data, such as speed and direction. This information is also received by car tracking apps. Some also get data from the car itself via the OBD2 port. The positional data is then combined with map information to create a representation of the vehicle on actual streets. Satellite images may even be used instead of traditional street maps. Car tracking apps can also add user defined information into their calculations. For example, a business owner may place a limit of 70 miles per hour on his work trucks. The app will monitor speed reports and send an alert whenever one exceeds 70 MPH. Other user defined data may include times when cars should operate or location alerts. Finally, the app combines the data from the user and all of the tracker devices it communicates with into a single presentation.

How Car Tracking Apps Present Information

How Car Tracking Apps Work

What makes car tracking apps so useful is not the data they collect but what they do with it. First of all, they allow easy access. A good system allows users to connect to their tracking data over the Internet or using a smartphone app. Users then have several options to organize and present information. Simple dots on a map show the real time location and movement of several work trucks. However, a map could also chart a car’s movement over a period of time. Car tracking apps can also present data by sending text or email alerts triggered by certain events. For example, “Truck #7 is exceeding 70 MPH” or “Dad’s Car has arrived home.” A user could also choose to view data as a simple list. This could show all recorded events in order or be sorted to see specific items. Good car tracking apps also allow users to create scheduled reports so they are given the information they need when they want it. Car tracking apps make it easy for businesses to manage their fleets, but they also help families keep loved ones safe.

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