Running Out of Gas? Use GoTrack’s GPS Street Level View

Ready to be of assistance?  Want less stress wondering where your vehicle is?  “Baby on Board”? Do you have loved ones driving or a Nanny driving your loved ones? You may want to get your vehicle a GPS Vehicle Tracking System!  Teenager’s run out of gas!  I know I did once.  With GoTrack, the call can be put on speaker hearing how this happened while you instantly click on and open GoTrack to see where they are and even switch to street level view to check out the surrounding area.

EZ Alerts

Do you realize how easy it is with a GPS Vehicle Tracking System like GoTrack not to have to listen for the front door or garage door (if it’s the old noisy kind) to know your teenager has arrived home?

Make sure your ringer is up on your phone and set an “EZ” alert when they have reached their destination.  You will be notified when the vehicle is moving again.  At this time, I have set my (mental) clock  to know in 20 minutes, I will see her presences…no longer working overtime… and new driver is off the road.  Better still, you can check to accept in location settings to receive a home geo-fence alert  – text or email – when desired.

GPS Street Level View

If you have precious cargo (grandbaby, nieces, nephews, kids), stops always seem to take longer than expected. With GoTrack you not only see where they parked, but can see the gps street level view to see surrounding buildings and signs.  No matter what the weather is outside or time of day – google maps captures the pictures in broad daylight to see. How nice. You are free to join your family? Park right next to them. I surprised my mom at the mall.  She is always glad to see me.

Last week, I was expected at mom’s and arrived late finding she left to take potato soup (from scratch with bacon, carrots, celery) to her deceased ex-daughter-in-law’s mother.  (Today was the first day home from the physical rehab center. ) She called me lost, but doesn’t need or do Google Maps unless she is unsure where she is going which is rare!  She calls me to verify her address in her address book she keeps at home.  I looked her up on GoTrack while on the phone with her and was getting ready to use dispatch address to see how close she was to Jan’s home and then she recognized the street!  I’m ready to be of assistance when needed.

Contact GoTrack

With GoTrack you can look over traveled roads, see stops and know present location, speed traveled, idling, and use the GPS street level view of surroundings.  For a demonstration, call and ask for Todd.

These features are just a few highlights you’ll find useful with a GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System .  Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Call for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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